Shopping Made Easy With Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup

I remember the many trips I’ve taken to the grocery store where right in the middle of shopping one of my kids has to go to the bathroom. There’s also the trips where no one wants to be there, especially me, but we need food for lunches and of course the kids will want to eat dinner. Sometimes we just want to avoid the store all together and that’s why I’m so excited about Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.

Shopping has been made easy and I’ll never again have to bribe my five year old to stop her mid-afternoon nap to run to go grocery shopping. Just this week I had been needing to go to the store but between volunteering at my kids school and their after school activities I literally just couldn’t seem to get in the time.

I started first by using the Walmart Grocery App which allows you to easily shop the entire store for everything you need right online. I sat down while my girls were in gymnastics class and shopped for everything we needed from the store. I got milk and bread and stuff for my kiddos lunch boxes and even fresh veggies for our weeknight dinners.

My surprise was just how easy it was to complete my purchase. I found the in store deals to stay on budget and even the organic produce that we normally buy. It’s just like shopping the Walmart store without ever leaving your home. When you get to the store you simply check in with the app and let them know that you have arrived.Pull into one of the many designated orange spots available for pickup purchases. I had such a wonderful personal shopper bring all the items right to my car. I never had to leave and get my kiddos out of the car. There were no trips to the bathroom and no one asked for anything they did not need.He loaded everything right into the back of our car and off we went on our way home. Honestly it took less than 5 minutes it was so quick and easy. I called my husband in disbelief telling him that I cannot believe that we had not done this before and how much my life will changing having this as an option for shoppingIt’s nice to know that as a busy mom of three that I don’t have to worry about going into the store. It doesn’t cost me anything extra to use Walmart’s Grocery Pickup and I really love that I can shop from anywhere using the App. I found myself adding in items we needed as the week went on. It saves the items right in my cart and I can choose a time to pick up my order that is also convenient for me. I even stocked up on everything I needed for lunches for the week all from my phone!

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