Building a healthier Family via exercises and family trips

I have been wanting to do an online fitness training for some time so I was so happy to actually to get to try BOOST BASICS. Finally fitness made fun for the whole family!! BOOST BASICS is all about showing families how to live a healthy life as a whole. First you start with exercise and nutrition and then you get down to mindfulness and overall health and wellness. Our family got to try the pragmatic too and I have to say our girls were really into it. We would create mini-classes and have some extra fun on the weekends. My eight year old loves gymnastics and tumbling. She did several years of dance so she has very strong legs but she’s really trying to focus on that upper body strength that she needs for the gym. Also challenging myself to actually do more and more and also stay committed to my overall health. I like that BOOST has challenged our entire family. This year it’s all about creating more moments that matter with my children. This program creates short video lessons and quizzes to actually test the skills that we are learning together. There are also important answers to questions I have like “should my kids be able to start lifting weights?” and how can I inspire my girls to choose healthier snack options after school?

I like that I felt like I had a partner in fitness for my family. It wasn’t me just barking at them. With BOOST BASICS they had fun and we all learned more ways that we can improve our lives for the better. My girls loved the cooking challenges and we even did some other fun challenges like who can jump rope the longest or who can do the most jumping jacks. It’s really all about finding creative ways to be active and fun with my girls. 

Why not invest in something that costs less than a video game and benefits your entire family? It’s really about about creating more moments with your kids that matter so this year we’re more inspired than ever to live healthy and happy!

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