Family Photography – Happy Easter! 2013

mia easter 2013 9 months old

It felt like Easter really snuck up on me this year. I can’t exactly pinpoint where or even how but somehow – someway it did. We decided to head up to Seattle for some fun with the family during spring break. Since Eater fell at the end of spring break we headed from Seattle to… [read more]

Our Valentine’s Day 2013

valentine's day 2013

  This year was Mia’s very first Valentine’s Day. Brooklin’s first Valentine’s Day at school and well Kaila just enjoyed the day. Brooklin is just learning to write her name and still unfocused enough to write all the names herself. I imagine next year she’ll do it all on her own. Kaila enjoyed passing out plenty of goodies to… [read more]

Happy Father’s Day!

delfino kaila

I can remember the moment I placed each of his children in his arms for the first time. Watching him become a father again three times has been one of the best moments of my life, creating this family together has been more than I have ever dreamed of. When I say my husband is… [read more]

Moving On


It’s never easy moving. Since my husband and I got together almost 9 years ago we’ve lived only in a few places. Each one has it’s own memories, it’s own smells, and special feelings. We moved in our current home when I was pregnant with Brooklin. It was a nice step up from our previous… [read more]

Photography – Fireworks


There’s something so easy about photographing fireworks, or so it seems. The 4th of July gave me ample opportunity t get some great pictures of family memories being made. We had planned on going to a large event but after really thinking about it, the hours of waiting to get a good spot for the… [read more]

How Important Are Aunts & Uncles?


Auntie, Uncle, Aunt whatever you call them do aunts and uncles play an important role in your life? My husband and I recently had a conversation about this very topic and in our case aunts and uncles have played a very important role in our lives, even replacing our parents. My children are very close… [read more]

la vida es bella


I sat in the bathroom door watching Brooklin and Kaila take a bath tonight. Usually I stand in the bathroom and hover but not tonight. I sat outside watching Brooklin splash around. Every time she splashed harder Kaila would giggle more. Finally they both were in full belly laughs splashing around. Usually I would have… [read more]