Mia’s First Year – Mia Is 10 Months Old!

mia 10 months old

10 months have gone by since we first held Mia in our arms. I can say I absolutely love this stage. She makes the cutest faces and loves to play she’s really happy all the time and is so silly. She’s starting to talk more and say actual words, plus she dances!! She really loves… [read more]

Baby’s First Year – Mia is 9 Months Old

mia 9 months old

I can’t believe how much Mia has changed. Mia is everywhere and everything. She’s into everything and wants to know what everything is. Her favorite current word is “Brooo” for her favorite mini person – Brooklin. Mia has 4 teeth! Two on top and two on the bottom. We joke that she looks like the… [read more]

Baby’s First Year – Mia Is 8 Months Old

mia 8 months old

Honestly every month I say the same thing and every month it feels that time passes by so fast. It feels like I just was pregnant and she just was a newborn in my arms. Mia has so much personality and she’ll let you know what she wants. She’s starting to make all kinds of sounds now but her… [read more]

Baby’s First Year – Mia 7 Months Old

mia 7 months old

This update is just a little late but a lot has been happening. So much that I have to write it all down. Mia is now 7 1/2 months old. Her favorite word is “dada” she also says “ba” and I think she’s saying Brooklin. Mia and Brooklin are the best of friends, Mia loves watching her… [read more]

Baby’s First Year – Mia 6 Months Old

mia 6 months old

We’ve had Mia in our life a whole half a year now. She just started crawling. Literally this week, full on crawling! She also decided to take up the pacifier, we call it “bink bink”. She doesn’t mind not having it but she’ll let you know when she wants it too. Mia loves food, she’s… [read more]

Baby’s First Year: Mia’s Milestones – 4 Months Old

mia 4 months old baby food

Mia has been so busy this month, it’s shocking at how much she has grown. Just this morning she was making  “maaa” sounds and both my husband and I turned to one another when we thought she said “mama”. Mia loves the floor these days, she spends her time trying to get to the toys… [read more]