Tom And Teddy – Awesome & Creative Matching Board Shorts For Father And Son #Giveaway

tom teddy matching father son beach shorts

Now that we finally live and are Southern Californians, we find ourselves dressing the part. Moving from cold Oregon to warmer Southern California, our wardrobe and what we can wear throughout the year has changed for the better. The girls wear shorts and tanks, even into the winter, and I find myself in a short… [read more]

Holiday Baking With Betty Crocker – #GetYourBettyOn #Giveaway

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Tree Ornaments (1)

This is a partnered post with Betty Crocker. Holidays often start with simple traditions for our family like getting the tree and decorating the house. Making sweet treats is another big part of our holiday and our girls enjoy cooking and baking. We’re making a lot of cookies this year to bring to different functions.… [read more]