Fun at Temecula’s Big Horse Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival With Brooklin’s Dance Team

brooklin dance pumpkin patch

Visiting the local pumpkin patch here in Temecula, CA is a lot of fun especially when it’s Big Horse Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival which is the largest Corn Maze in Southern California at over 11 acres. This easy drive is located off the 15 freeway near Pechanga Indian Resort and Casino. There’s so much to… [read more]

A Messy Life

messy life

Life is messy. Motherhood is messy. A messy life happens in unexpected days. Our house is clean, our living room is nice and clean but there always seems to be a mess of packages and papers that land on the dining room table. My desk is always a mess. There’s usually markers and pens and… [read more]

You Know You’re A Dance Mom

brooklin dance 2014

It all started with a ballet and hip hop class and turned into a full time thing. Brooklin asks to go to dance as soon as she gets home from school. Her favorite class is lyrical, hip hop and ballet technique. She’s working really hard and loving it. Brooklin started gymnastics at the age of… [read more]

Mia Started Dayschool

dayschool mia

Mia started dayschool today! She goes to a small school that has the cutest classroom, plenty of space outside to play and lots of chances to learn throughout the day. Mia jumped right in to class this morning and napped with her classmates on her new nap mat. Inside I somewhat wanted her to miss… [read more]

Words To Live By

kristin beach

The older I get the more I have changed. Maybe it’s that I’m getting closer to 30 and well life seems so much more now. After college, three kids, life is busy and loving all at the same time. My days are filled. My heart is filled. Yet still I find time to change and… [read more]