There Is A Sharpie For Everyone

When I say there is a Sharpie for everyone I really mean it. It seems as if a Sharpie can tell us about our personalities. A girly girl would love the metallic, or possibly one of the 10 shades of pink they carry. Celebrities love the easy retractable Sharpies. Even the kitty cats like shades… [read more]

What Did We Do in New York City?

Sarah pretty much summed up the night perfectly but included in the three day festivities we were introduced to the Ninja  Chopping Warrior. Tonight while trying to recreate the guacamole from Rosa’s it left me thinking about that tip. I said in a previous post that the city might change me, and let me report… [read more]

Euro-Pro Product Launch NYC

On Thursday bloggers of all forms dissented upon New York City for the product launch of NINJAâ„¢ MASTER PREP by Euro-Pro. While we were able to test other Euro-Pro products the event was based on the NINJAâ„¢ MASTER PREP and we even got a live demo from Robin Miller herself. I’ll be honest we currently… [read more]

I’m Off to NYC

As nervous as I am I cannot wait for my trip tomorrow to New York City. I will get to meet other bloggers and spend time with those I already know. We’ll get to play with some of the hottest new gadgets since Euro-Pro is introducing the newest product NINJAâ„¢ MASTER PREP. Honestly I’ve never… [read more]

The Final Days of Summer with My People

I will always remember this summer, it was a time of growing, moving on. I brought new life into this world, and explored a new city. My blog took on a new life, and for once I just enjoyed. I built relationships, and shed tears. I built a community that sustains itself, my sisterhood. This… [read more]

Table Talk (post 2)

Day two of Table Talk was by far the most exciting day. Memories form the night before were still fresh in our minds. I missed my wake up call and was woke up by Security. Amanda quickly came to my rescue and helped get Brooklin ready for the day. We pulled into the General Mills… [read more]