Going To NYC: Food Network

On September 23rd I will be traveling to New York for an exclusive blogger event with Robin Miller of Food Network. We”l be staying at the beautiful W Hotel, and the following day off to The Mandarin Oriental Hotel where Robin will showcase her tastiest recipes with some of the newest tools any cooking enthusiast… [read more]

Table Talk Left Me With One Question

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I forgot to ask while there. Brooklin had a mishap involving poop, diapers, and clothing. Somehow in the mess of it all I forgot to ask this question. When will they introduce the next Betty Crocker? Did you know Betty Crocker was a fictional character? Rather just a signature. Almost every decade they update Betty… [read more]

Table Talk

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  Pic from Betty Crocker Table Talk Set It’s over, we had a wonderful time and can’t thanks Coyne PR and General Mills enough! We saw old friends, and met new ones. Everyone went above and beyond for Brooklin (mini blogger) and I and we can’t wait to share more. For now my Bookie is… [read more]

Table Talk Here We Come!

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Brooklin and I are about to head off for her first bloggy adventure. I was pregnant when Kaila and I attended Hallmark’s mom blogging trip. Once again I get to see my dear friend Lizzy and meet some other really fabulous bloggers. I leave feeling guilty. I didn’t want Kaila to feel left out, since… [read more]

Celebrate Creativity

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I have always thought as my daughter as a creative butterfly. She often comes up with things like paining rocks, sticks, and anything she can. I really think she’s going to be artist. She may not have the best of speech but the girl is great with anything creative. Its her thing, ya know? She… [read more]

Hallmark Edge of Motherhood Cards

While we were at the Hallmark mom blogging trip we were given the chance to see some cards. Actually we were placed into a top secret room and told to go visit the shelf and pick some cards. Pick a card for someone is exactly what we were told. I picked a card for my… [read more]

Sharpie: Celebrate Creativity

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  Thanks to the Sharpie Squad we’ve been celebrating our creativity. Kaila’s first project was a t-shirt hand drawn for me. She drew a rainbow, sunflower and a picture of our family. Complete with Brooklin in Daddy’s arms. (remember when she was in my tummy?) AS Kaila continues to grow I love having special mementos… [read more]

Meet The Sharpie Squad

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Meet the Sharpie Squad as Sharpie debuts their squad!! Made of up men and women from all over this is one creative bunch! Being a mom and student I know how it feels to unleash my creativity. I’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas and creations, and you already know I love sharing what I… [read more]