Our Ordinary Year 2013


In January we started the year with a big trip to California. Our family started with Mia being 7 months old and I was so proud to finally complete my Invisalign treatment. I traveled to LA to shoot ambassador videos for Nature Made VitaMelts Vitamins. In February the hubby and I headed to Seattle to Darigold Headquarters where we… [read more]

Our Ordinary Halloween 2013

halloween 2013

I can’t believe that another Halloween has come and gone. This year we went all out and fully decorated the house. We had fog, strobe lights, zombie heads, flying ghosts, shaking bats and much much more! I really enjoy decorating and luckily Del allowed me to recruit him for help too. The girls all were… [read more]

Our Pumpkin Patch Visit 2013

family pumpkin patch 2013

Every year for as long as my husband and I have been together we have visited  pumpkin patch. I do remember us buying our first pumpkin together long before Kaila was born. This year we continued the tradition taking the girls to one of the best pumpkin patches in town. The sun has been out… [read more]

Our Weekend Oregon Coast Getaway

oregon sea lion caves

This past weekend our family decided to hit the Oregon coast. If you’ve traveled in Oregon you’d know that the weather here can be hit or miss so we planned it just right and went on an absolutely delightful weekend. I’ve always wanted to drive down Highway 101 and visit the Sea Lions Caves. We… [read more]

My First Mother’s Day As A Mom of 3

mother's day 2013

Last year we went to an expensive brunch at a fancy hotel downtown. Then 8 months pregnant I waddled around the Japanese Garden. We had to wake up early and I had to get everyone ready and out of the house. This year – I was looking forward to sleeping in. It’s hard to believe that in… [read more]

Family Photography – Happy Easter! 2013

mia easter 2013 9 months old

It felt like Easter really snuck up on me this year. I can’t exactly pinpoint where or even how but somehow – someway it did. We decided to head up to Seattle for some fun with the family during spring break. Since Eater fell at the end of spring break we headed from Seattle to… [read more]

Our Valentine’s Day 2013

valentine's day 2013

  This year was Mia’s very first Valentine’s Day. Brooklin’s first Valentine’s Day at school and well Kaila just enjoyed the day. Brooklin is just learning to write her name and still unfocused enough to write all the names herself. I imagine next year she’ll do it all on her own. Kaila enjoyed passing out plenty of goodies to… [read more]

Happy Valentine’s Day – 2013

valentine's day 2013 brooklin mia kaila

  Del an I went shopping for treats for the girls. Like every year he reminded me how much excess I give our children and just how much they can do without but loving me so much he went along with it. We picked up some of their current favorite things. For Kaila lots of dog inspired… [read more]