At Home With Graco® Live Event & the NEW Simple Sway™ Swing

delfino and brooklin

I had experience with Graco® products from the moments my oldest girls were born. Car seats, my first baby swings, our big family vacations with the perfect travel take and stroll system. I was happy to partner with Graco® to share our and some exciting new products like the Simple Sway™ Swing. I had experience… [read more]

Save Money On Baby & Kids Foods With A Reusable Food Pouch

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (6)

Being a 21st century parent has its perks. It’s nice to have all of the modern conveniences, like products that work as intended, and an over abundance of choices from foods, to clothing, to toys, everything else one could think of for now. From having our first kid who is almost 10, many new food products… [read more]

Great Holiday Toy Ideas – The @VTECHToys Record and Learn KidiStudio. A Toddler Music Player.


This post is compensated by Vtech. Our little girl is becoming quite the little artist and performer. From playing with her sisters, dancing, to drawing pictures, and playing with her toys she just loves to try new things. We were sent the VTECH Record & Learn KidiStudio designed for kids ages 3-6. Our almost 3 year old had… [read more]

Keep And Extra Set Of Eyes On Your Kids With A Pan And Tilt Baby Video Monitor


Having a baby transitioning into toddler hood along with a 5.5 year old kindergartner, lets say things can get chaotic. And as many know toddlers can be a handful. Living in home with multiple areas of play and exploration can make it much worse. From more chasing, to more cleaning, and to more discoveries of… [read more]

Gerber Now Available at Save-A-Lot #SaveALotInsiders

Gerber Baby Goods SaveALot

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Save-A-Lot. This could include Save-A-Lot providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. I remember my babies first meal, bananas were always one of the first things we tried after our girls started eating. Peas are always a fun food because well, they… [read more]