Dehumidifiers in the home

meaco dehumidifier platinum

Meaco has partnered to share with us useful information about dehumidifiers in the home. If you live somewhere warm or visit the coast often then the chances are that you’re used to humid weather, and know just how uncomfortable it can be. However, humidity doesn’t just have an effect on your body; it can also… [read more]

Bingo Lingo for Ordinary People

bingo lingo

Online bingo is a popular and fun pastime for many people, although for some finding your way to good sites and then understanding just what’s going on and what all those abbreviations mean can be a real learning curve!  Thankfully, there are sites such as offering plenty of advice for getting started, such as… [read more]

Protecting Our Child Security Online

online security for kids

The Internet has revolutionised the way most of us live our lives. It has opened up access to news, knowledge, entertainment, friends and much more on our computers and now our phones. But the Internet, which is more accessible than ever in our homes, also opens up access to very undesirable and potentially dangerous persons… [read more]

Sell Used Diamonds

These days jewelry is not only afforded for the ultra wealthy but has become accessible to so many. Not only have diamond and gold become come more attainable and more sought after, it still doesn’t mean that they are going out of style and not in demand. We have a bag of scrap jewelry that… [read more]

The Dangers of Online Grooming

          Online grooming is defined as any “actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child’s inhibitions [during online grooming] in preparation for sexual activity with the child.” In other words, grooming is something that can at first seem quite… [read more]