Win A Free Night Stay With Omni Hotels & Resorts


Omni Hotels & Resorts once again takes this time of year to do what we should be doing EVERY day of the year…celebrating Mom! This year we hope you’ll share a #SelfieWithMom on Instagram, and tell us why she deserves to win an Omni Spa Getaway at her favorite Omni hotel or resort! Mother’s Day is almost here… Grab… [read more]

Sell Used Diamonds

These days jewelry is not only afforded for the ultra wealthy but has become accessible to so many. Not only have diamond and gold become come more attainable and more sought after, it still doesn’t mean that they are going out of style and not in demand. We have a bag of scrap jewelry that… [read more]

Will there always be so many Online Bingo Sites?


Online bingo sites are unavoidable when you’re online. There are so many adverts and articles that promote each site for its individual qualities or incentives, they’ve even leaked into print media in the UK. According to the BBC article about the sheer amount of bingo sites in the UK, we’ve moved up from 20 sites… [read more]

Fotor – Free Online Photo Editing & Creatives

photo frame

The first time I used Fotor I was really impressed. First of all, it’s fast. I’m used to photo editing sites lagging, but Fotor was very quick. I didn’t have to wait at all! By the way, the site uploaded my photo and I was editing within seconds. Fotor has a wide range of well-organized tools on… [read more]

Fun Vacation and Holiday Destinations in Europe for 2013


Are you thinking of going on vacation this year? Are you looking for the best places in Europe to vacationing? Whether your intention is to just go have fun or recharge, relax and rest, Europe has many holiday destinations suited to one or more of those things at every point in time. The dilemma for… [read more]

The Dangers of Online Grooming

          Online grooming is defined as any “actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child’s inhibitions [during online grooming] in preparation for sexual activity with the child.” In other words, grooming is something that can at first seem quite… [read more]

Bikini Line Waxing Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Each year, women troop to beauty shops and spas to get a bikini wax. This procedure removes hair around the bikini line leaving smooth, hair-free skin. There is a distinct difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax. The former involves removal of excess hair around the bikini line while the latter involves a… [read more]

Budgeting Tips for Mummies


Being a parent can be expensive. You’ve got several mouths to feed, school outings to pay for and there’s that all important holiday that comes around each year; not to mention Christmas and birthdays! On the face of it all, it can be very easy to spiral into any debt, but with a few precautionary measures and some… [read more]

The Best Personalized Gifts For Different Occasions

These days, people live their whole lives through their phones. It’s their music player, diary, and where they browse the internet, amongst many other things. It’s so much more than just a phone. On you can give someone a great, unique gift: a personalised smart phone cover! Whether it’s an Iphone, a Blackberry, HTC… [read more]

Family Friendly Decorating Ideas

For many families with kids, the dream of a beautifully decorated home is just that…a dream.  While it may seem impossible to have a sense of style at home when there are little ones afoot, by following a few simple tips parents can create an environment that’s both stylish and family-friendly. Durability can be chic… [read more]

How Your Baby Benefits From Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood

Every expectant mother wants what’s best for her baby, and besides planning for the arrival of a new family member in all the usual ways, such as preparing the nursery, purchasing equipment and assembling baby’s layette, there are other important considerations to be borne in mind – for example, providing extra protection for the future.… [read more]

Table for Six A New Approach to Dating

Eating dinner with other people

A new matchmaking enterprise is drawing attention throughout California. The Table for Sixintroduction service is a unique concept which brings together individuals who share educational backgrounds, professional interests and a shared passion for meeting like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Table for Six is considered a “dating” group though in truth, the opportunities… [read more]

Top Five Baby-Friendly Destinations This Summer

Catalina Island Hotel

If you have a baby, you have probably already discovered that it can be difficult finding a vacation or day trip destination that is completely family-friendly. Parents sometimes arrive at a resort only to find that children aren’t welcome. A few years ago, many of the best resorts weren’t into offering family-friendly programs, but today,… [read more]

Family Camping Trip Checklist

camping 2011

By: Dale Cooper As you and your family head into the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to forget something important. Once you begin your camping trip, you may not have access to certain items such as extra clothing or an axe for firewood. That’s why it’s important to compile a checklist of… [read more]

Conventioning with Kids


Depending on what business you’re in and in what capacity you work, it’s likely you may spend a lot of time in convention centers. A lot of us tend to think of convention centers as rather dry, strictly adult-oriented locations without much to offer kids or much need to accommodate them beyond offering offering baby… [read more]