Hi, I am Kristin and the mother of three beautiful little girls and a happy wife. Kaila is a high-spirited and energetic 8 year old and her little free-spirited roaming, 4 year old sister Brooklin and Mia who is 10 months old and follows right along in her footsteps. Tagging along behind the girls is our adorable dogs – Marley and Bruno!

My husband Del has been out going and welcoming of my passion for my blog. I look at blogging as a way to share and experience parenting, it’s also a lifecast of my children, something I am very passionate about. Unlike my story I want my children to know exactly how I felt about them, at every point in their life. My husband Del is the backbone to our family but you’ll also find him keeping this site in tip top shape and offering his advice on the latest tech gadgets for parents.


I call myself a dreamer. I often got in trouble in school for daydreaming, it’s a part of me and reflects in my writing.

Running and maintaining my site has been a wonderful way to allow me to pursue my interest in blogging which came from my lifelong love for writing. I looked at the internet as a way to create a digital notebook. My husband and I both have family around the world, and I felt my blog would be a good way to let people know what is going on in our lives. I guess I always looked at my blog as a digital version of a scrapbook, chronicling my daily life so one day we all can look back on and see the life we shared.

The other side to my blog is my love and passion for business and the aspect of social and new media.  It is an evolving facet of media that I have been drawn to and feel it may lead one day to a future career. I am in my 3rd year working on a BS in Advertising Management from Portland State University and plan to look into internet marketing or something along the long of advertising and marketing.  I started working with brands on my blog around the time I decided to pursue my degree in business which was my path because I enjoy doing what I do.


I have promoted and created content with searches from all major search engines by developing strong search engine optimization (SEO). It is a fun to work and promote major brands that I have always known and used. I also like to work with new companies who are trying to break into the market. I cannot support brands or products that I have bad feelings towards or have had bad experiences with.


Over the years I’ve also helped other bloggers along the way, I was among the first mom bloggers to work with brand on a bigger scale and because of that I have the experience to help others. I think if you are not giving back then you’re all alone, because really me being online is more than just me. It’s the moms and dads around me who make this site run, it’s the support of other moms who ease my pain and offer me advice. It’s much more than me and I’m just happy to have helped along the way.

I have worked closely with many national brands as a brand ambassador and have camera experience.

Latest project includes series of web videos for Nature Made, Children’s Tylenol and HP: See web video 1, and web video 2. Children’s Tylenol will air fall 2013 video 1 and video 2. HP Video for Holiday 2013!

May 2013 – Parents Magazine feature with Puddle Jumpers.

October 2013 – ALL YOU Magazine Advertorial 

Articles featured on Bliss.com


Brand Promotions:

Past recognition include: Nielsen Power 50 Mom, TwitterGrader.com Top 100 Woman on Twitter, and Top Product Review Blog 2012. Top 10 U.S. Mom Blogger on Twitter


Some of the major companies that have worked with on my site include Little Tikes, American Girl, Disney, Kolcraft, Hallmark, Mattel, Microsoft, Dyson, Fisher Price, Nintendo, D3 Publisher, HP, Graco, Leap Frog, Universal Studios, Sony, Hasbro, Epson, Flip Video, Seiko, Johnson & Johnson, T Mobile, Sharpie, Activision, Panasonic, Wilton, Universal Studios, Safety 1st, Mutsy, Belkin, Nutrisystem, GE Digital Camera, Seagate, Energizer, Kokopax, Clorox, Kinex, Step 2, Litl, Delta Childrens Products, Logitech, JVC, ABC, VTech Kids, THQ, and many other awesome companies. I’ve had great results with great products I enjoy sharing with those who visit my blog. The brands I work with I have had an ongoing relationship with and they often come back to me for promotional purposes.

Brand Ambassador Programs I Have Worked With: Nature Made, Residence Inn by Marriott, Dodge, Excedrin, Omron Fitness, Frito Lay Fab 15 moms, American Girl, Kolcraft, Invisalign, Sharpie SquadSweethearts Mom, Wisk Blogger, Frigidaire Test Drive Mom, Safeway, Kmart, eBay, Pampers, Microsoft, Evenflo, Purex, KeurigHuggies Diapers, Nature Made, Joovy Baby Products, Residence Inn by Marriott, Ubisoft, ebay, HP, NetZero and more!! 


Currently Brand Ambassador: Smuckers, Hotspot Shield, Superior Source Vitamins, Discover, and more!



Statistical Information

OurOrdinaryLife averages 119,000 unique visitors a month with an average increase of 100+ per month. Reach as follows:

Website Unique Users – 

 RSS Feed – 6990+
 email Subscribers – 15,610+
 Alexa.com – US Rank 13,230


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