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How to Hide your Pregnancy at Parties

So you are pregnant, what a very special privilege and joy, but perhaps not something you want to announce to the world yet for various reasons. More and more couples are choosing not to announce their pregnancies until they have past that every important milestone – the 3 month mark. The first 3 months of… [read more]

Beginning Pregnancy – The Ups and Downs


I think the one thing everyone complains about the most while being pregnant is being so sick. Well that and the giant swollen limbs, the gas, the general uncomfortable that is being pregnant with a 7 pound baby inside you. Each of my pregnancies have been different yet still somewhat the same. In this pregnancy… [read more]

This Pregnancy Sucks!

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I’ve been putting off this post hoping that it would just go away. It’s true that every pregnancy is different, I am now a firm believer in that. My days are filled with extreme highs and incredible lows. What’s that all about anyhow? I am seriously hoping that it’s not just me, that someone else… [read more]

Parenting Woes: Pregnancy and Siblings

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The past few weeks Kai has been putting stuffed animals in her shirt. Obviously she’s acting like she is pregnant. I didn’t think much about it until last night when I saw her doing it again. She gets embarrassed when I see, so I sat and just watched her without her knowing. Is there something… [read more]