Get Your Product Featured In Video

Our Ordinary Life is now offering video reviews for an additional fee.

Benefits of Video Reviews:

When a consumer is looking to buy a new product whether it be a new laptop, cell phone, or car seat they begin their search online. Consumers usually consult with written reviews and Our Ordinary Life is SEO optimized making for supported search content. One of the biggest features to video reviews is actually seeing a product in use. Rather than reading through a review a consumer can see it and better make a decision about the product.

Video Reviews Take Less Time:

Turnover on product reviews can take weeks, video reviews are quick as easy for both consumers and the editor creating them. A three minute video review takes less time to view than 500 word written content.

Product Review Videos Are Fun:

Product review videos are fun to create and watch. A cute video can also become a huge hit on YouTube creating additional exposure for your product and revenue for the video creator.

YouTube Is Highly Searched:

Like Twitter and Facebook YouTube is leading the way in searchability. Consumers are looking online more than ever for reviews and content and YouTube is one of those ways.

Get Your Product Featured:

Additional fees to apply for sponsored video product reviews. Please contact me for more information.

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