Creating A Simple Gym Routine With U By Kotex

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Being a busy mom of three I spend a lot of time with my daughters. From school, activities, sports and our own family adventures we stay on the go. Shortly after having my second child I realized that I had to make time for myself, and creating a healthy lifestyle for my family became a priority.  I give myself time each week at the gym because I know how great it feels to work hard for something, and to feel your body move and become stronger with every breath that you take. That’s why I am a busy mom who also makes the time for fitness.

Creating a gym routine can be difficult it’s something that as a mother I struggle with a lot. Should I really go for that run when there’s those beautiful eyes asking to play Frozen for the four hundredth time? The biggest advice I can give moms is find a family friendly gym that has a great childcare service. Our gym has a big play yard for the kids and plenty of activities and things for them to do. It’s only a small extra fee every month and I look at it like extra playtime!

Stay prepared! Shopping with three kiddos can be a workout in itself I can easily find the products I need like U by Kotex right in one place for a great price at Walmart.

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My biggest piece of advice is to be ready to go to the gym. Make a plan the day before and set out of things that you need. If you use them often create a little basket where you can easily find your favorite products like headphones, extra headbands, my U by Kotex products when I need them, my weights and yoga mat and of course a few of my other favorite things.

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I think the biggest mistake we make when trying to create a new routine is not being prepared so when you know you’re going to need something like the feminine products keep them on hand. What I like about the U by Kotex Sleek Tampons and U by Kotex Cleanwear Pads is that not only do they work but they also are small and discrete. Throw them in your gym bag and you’ve got protection when you need it.

The Sleek Tampons are also great for the gym because they’re comfortable. When you’re doing a lot of moving around you want to be comfortable and stay protected. They’re small enough you can even just throw them in your purse.

U by Kotex Sleek Tampons and U by Kotex Cleanwear Pads

You can have confidence on the go or with your gym routine with U by Kotex because Kotex has you covered! Right now you can also head to your local Walmart and purchase both U by Kotex Sleek Tampons and U by Kotex Cleanwear Pads and receive three FREE Goody elastics which will be attached to each box. They’re the perfect elastic band to keep your hair up while working out. You can find a participating Walmart near you here and while supplies last.

What is your gym routine like? What’s your must haves for the gym?

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  1. Angela says

    It’s so important to be comfortable at the gym. It was always so easy for me to skip working out when I was on my period.

  2. Pam says

    I really need to get back into an exercise routine! It’s been too long. Love those sparkle headbands- and Kotex U.

  3. Amy Desrosiers says

    My gym routine is nonexistent because I use nature as my gym and walk my streets every night. I do love Kotex stuff though!

  4. says

    Gym routine? I sadly must admit that I don’t have one but I do my best to get in a small workout at the house during naptime.

  5. says

    I seriously love the advancements in “ladies products” from when I was a teenager. It used to be they were so thick and bulky and so easy to leak; that I’d curl up in a ball and try to not move and pray for it to end.
    Now things are thin; don’t leak and discreet! And I can be active again. I can actually go to the gym! I think that is pretty neat.

  6. says

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought feminine product packaging was cute! It’s definitely important to be totally prepared at the gym!

  7. nicole dz says

    My must haves for the gym is my water bottle, my gym towel, my nike shoes, my ipod, my personal weights, hair ties, gym bag, a clif bar, and a change of clothes. I sometimes like to shower at the gym.