We Tried To Go Spring Break Camping


We enjoy camping, there’s something so basic about living with your family in just a small tent and surviving on just a fire and small stove. In Oregon we did a lot of camping in the summer months. Beautiful lush green forests with creeks you could ride your tube down. We spent so many wonderful moments camping in Oregon so since it’s spring break I’ve been begging my husband to go camping.

He finally caved and we spent all day packing up and getting ready to head out of town. We wanted to camp near the Salton Sea at a place called Borrego Springs.  We arrived to the campsite just as the sun was going down but the beautiful cactus and sands all around made for a beautiful looking campsite in the fading light. We were so excited about exploring in the day light.

The temps were around 70 so it was really warm as we set up the tent. The girls happily played near the tent in the sand with their toys and we spotted a few little beetles.

And then it got dark and out….

Out came the scorpions. They’d dart past your feet and scurry across the sand. With the lights on you can see them because they are the color of the sand.


I had no idea what to expect camping here in California. I knew in the desert that there were creatures of the night but I had no idea tarantulas and scorpions were those creatures! So the kids hid out in the car and my husband and I jumped around the camp site packing up and heading home.

It’s not an end to our journey though, now that we know what to expect we can become better prepared and you better believe I want to go back and explore those natural springs during the day! Exploring and learning and spending time together as a family is what I love about camping to begin with.

Have you ever had a trip with your family fail?

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