Easy Toddler Lunch Ideas With Beech-Nut


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beech nut baby 1 I wouldn’t feed my baby anything I wouldn’t eat myself and that goes for the baby food that she eats. We were thrilled to receive a package of the new food to try out with our baby. It’s hard to believe that she’s not such a baby now and just about a full blown toddler.

Homemade baby food is the gold standard for most moms, because moms know exactly what’s in it and what’s not. They know it is real food, not a list of additives and preservatives. But, not all moms have the time or ability to make their own food.  Beech-Nut makes real food for babies that is closest to homemade. Their foods have no additives, no preservatives and nothing artificial. I am most excited about their newest line which 100 percent natural!!

beech nut toddler lunch Beech-Nut uses innovative technology to create baby food that is unlike anything else on store shelves. Their just gentle cooking™ method ensures the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, without adding water, so their food is never over-processed. Beech-Nut uses only the freshest fruits and vegetables that look, smell and taste exactly like what they are, so moms know exactly what their babies are eating.

I love creating easy meals for my girls and that includes our toddler. She’s just starting to explore harder textures and loves feeding herself so real food in a jar is a great option for her. Plus I have found that she’s more likely to try the green veggies if they are served this way.

beech nut toddler lunch With over 40 fresh new flavors, like Just Honey Crisp Apple and Just Bartlett Pears, and delicious combinations like Beets, Pear & Pomegranate and Just Pear, Raspberry & Asparagus, there’s something for every baby to enjoy! Plus as a mom you can feel great about it too!

You can find more information Beech-Nut and be sure to connect with Beech-Nut on Facebook.



  1. saminder gumer says

    i usually make my own baby food but these look amazing and would save me some time. i don’t have all the options they do so i will check them out and see what i think.