Meet Our New German Shepard Puppy!




For a few years now we’ve been wanting to add another pet to our family. I grew up in a home with a lot of pets, hamsters, dogs, a rabbit and my pig Gordy. Now that we have a larger home with a yard glory enough for a new baby we have decided to start looking for a German Shepard puppy.

We quickly fell in love with this pure bread baby boy. He’s fluffy and relaxed. He’s only 6 weeks old now so he will come home on the 21st which is right before my birthday!

His name is Beast from my favorite Disney movie!  He’s fearful on the outside, loyal and kind on the inside, he’s my next running partner and my kids best friend.

We can’t wait to bring you home Beastly!!



  1. saminder gumer says

    he is so cute. congrats on the new puppy. i have an older dog and am thinking of getting a puppy to help him keep active and happy.