10 Valentine’s Day Cupcakes That Will Make You Fall In Love


cupcakes vday Valentine’s Day is known for the desserts so this year it’s all about the cupcakes. There’s something so irresistible about showing your love with dessert and this Valentine’s Day there’s so many easy dessert ideas. Having kiddos or heading to work and a large batch of cupcakes is a great way to share the love.

One of my favorite things is cupcakes and whenever we visit a new city I search out the local cupcake shop. There’s something so simple and yet complex about cupcakes. You need the perfect mix of cake and frosting and the cake has to be moist! A good cupcake will make anyone feel truly loved so this Valentine’s Day they make the perfect dessert!

red velevt cupcakes Using one of my favorite tools from Foodie.com I created a collection of my favorite cupcake recipes. You’ll find rose water cupcakes, decadent chocolate and of course a simple raspberry butter cream frosting recipe. You can create and collect your own favorite recipes with your own Foodie Collections.

Need recipe ideas? Foodie.com also has some of the best recipes all in one place! Download the Foodie Recipes app too!

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    Those red velvet cupcakes look amazing. I have a crazy sweet tooth, but for me, it’s all about the frosting. Rich, delicious buttercream or cream cheese!

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    My husband is the baker of the family and I bet he would like the foodie app. He can collect a bunch of recipes he wants to try there for later. I’ll have to let him know!