Pampers Babies”R”Us Olympics Savings – #MilestoneMoments Giveaway


pampers mia P&G and Babies”R”Us are teaming up to celebrate milestones with Noelle Pikus Pace, U.S. Olympic Skeleton Athlete. For Noelle, “Raising a family is like training for the Olympic Winter Games.” She understands that “moms re in training every minute of every day.” This is why Noelle turns to products like Pampers, which are available at Babies”R”Us. P&G and Babies”R”Us know that when it comes to raising kids, every finish line is a new start.

It’s funny because now being a mom to three each of my girls is so different. Each milestone has been reached differently, in their own special way. Luckily we’ve had Pampers there along the way! This week we headed to Babies R Us for their newest Pamper diaper deals. There’s much money to be saved on some of your favorite P&G products now!

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pampers diapers Pampers Diaper Deals – 

From Friday 1/17 through Monday 1/20, receive $15 off when you buy 2 value boxes of Pampers diapers (78ct. or higher) in store only.

(1/31/14 – 2/22/14) FREE Pampers wipes (168-192ct, $7.39 value) when you buy any two select P&G items.

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  1. says

    My favorite milestone is when my son started walking! He took his first steps when we had first moved to our new place, in his room!

  2. Allison says

    My 4 month old will be sitting by herself before long and a 2 year old who’ll be ready to potty train before long.

  3. DESIREE H says

    My babies are starting to crawl and climb on things lol!
    It is getting quite adventurous in my house! :)

  4. Andrea Meier says

    My 2 year old is linking 3-4 words together now! He suprises me with all he says. He is also going to be a big brother in about 6 weeks!!

  5. Kathleen Ophelan says

    My daughter is consistently holding up her head and shes on track to be rolling over soon. They grow up so fast!

  6. Lilyana Cruz says

    My most recent milestone moment was when my child was two years began to put his shoes without help!

  7. says

    My babies are no longer babies (I’m entering to win for my sister who is expecting her first.) One milestone that I thought was exciting was walking. :-)

  8. jennifer cecil says

    My little one isn’t due until July, but his/her brother will be graduating high school this year.

  9. Nicole Newby says

    My son is 17 months old and he is full of baby talk! I can’t wait until I hear others things besides Mama and Dada in all of that rambling! :)

  10. Wild Orchid says

    My son is just starting to stay dry at night.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  11. Eileen Richter says

    My baby is now a teen, but we have had two grandchildren we have spent time with nearly daily…one lived with us for two years until very recently. They both are stepping into the early part of potty training and talking a lot. It is a bittersweet time to see THREE little grandchildren all into their twos’. Missing the cuddly newborn stage

  12. Amanda says

    Not many yet, shes smiling, squealing and trying to pull herself up. Can’t wait to see whats next!

  13. Jackie says

    My 25month old is starting to speak in full sentences… Her words are very clear and we are teaching her two languages

  14. says

    My “baby” is now 13, but my youngest grandbebe girl started Kindergarten this year .. she is so proud to show me how she can “read” her sight words! :)

  15. kelly mcgrew says

    i don’t have a baby but this would be a great shower gift.

    i would imagine a milestone moment would be when they talk for the first time :) its the first sign that you’re doing something right as a parent :)

  16. Rosanne Morrison says

    My babies are grown but expecting a grandbaby and gearing up for that. Fav moment was when they were sucking their toes or rocking on their hands and knees. So cute!!