Mega Bloks Build ‘n Splash Bath Toy – Giveaway



Bath time has never been this fun! Build with the stackable friends made for watery adventures with Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘n Splash.

Use the suction cup to stick the friendly red octopus to the bottom of the tub and stack his fishy friends on top of it to create a fun waterfall for your little one to watch! Pour water on the squid’s head and watch the cascading effect as the starfish spins, the shark dips and the fish catches the water. Combine with other First Builders sets to raise your seaworthy friends out of the water and make your waterfall higher than ever!


When bath time is over, place all of the Build ‘n Splash friends inside the handy draining basket that can stick to any surface thanks to its own suction cup.

Ideal for kids ages 1 to 5.

  •  Stackable underwater friends designed for fun bath time building
  •  Red octopus, yellow starfish, blue shark, red snapper and purple squid
  •  Suction cup secures the build to the bottom of the tub
  •  Handy draining bucket with suction cup for storing all of your Build ‘n Splash friends
  •  Compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets for bigger builds, longer waterfalls and endless building possibilities
  • mia and the tub

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Three winners will receive one Mega Bloks Build ‘n Splash Bath Toy!

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  1. Angela W says

    We have little squirt toys for bath time fun and regular mega blocks to build and create after bath. This would be great for the kids to play with while in the bath.

  2. Angela Newsome says

    My kids love to play with homemade paint in the tub! We don’t have any lego bath toys but would love some :)

  3. Nicky J says

    my daughter’s just starting to be ready to have some toys for the bath.. but she likes splashing

  4. Sweta Sonulkar says

    Bath time toys for my son are his vehicles like boat,squeeze fishes and duck.He loves his blocks of making a home.

  5. rachelcartucci says

    My Jack loves to put color tablets and bubbles in his bath. Sometimes we buy bath foam and he makes a fun mess. He has a bag of Mega Bloks which he really enjoys…we don’t have these water toys. Thanks!

  6. Jenny says

    My kids love bringing lots of toys into the bath! And we are huge fans of Megablocks here! We have one of their little dump trucks that came with blocks.

  7. Christie Kammerer says

    my daughter has fingerpaints and food toys she plays with in the bath. She has megablocks in a bucket she like to build with.

  8. Sara says

    My son loves bath crayons and splashing. He just got a megablok table for Christmas so that is our favorite.

  9. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Bath Time Is So Much Fun, Lot’s Of Bubble, Scented Soaps And Shampoo, And Lot’s Of Splashing, Favorite Mega Bloks Toy Is Firetruck Finn!

  10. hausfrauchelsea says

    We love tub-time around here and we’ve been looking for some new tub toys. Thanks!

  11. Jennifer says

    my son loves his megablock legos! we really dont have many tub toys! my son would love these!

  12. Rochel S says

    My kids LOVE bathtime and I have to work really hard to get them out of there!I love the Mega Bloks bag of bloks. My kids like to make all sorts of creations of their own.

  13. richelle s says

    My kids love using cups and funnels in the tub, simple toys that are a blast for them. We have just basic mega block sets

  14. Brandy Wilmoth says

    The Hello Kitty Sailboat is a favorite in my house and it always makes bath time very interesting and messy!

  15. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    My nieces like to take their barbies/dolls into the tub. These blocks look like fun!

  16. Cathy Alger says

    My grandson has a fishing set he plays with in the tub.
    My youngest grandson has a big bag of mega bloks he loves to play with!

  17. stephanie mcfarland says

    my son is 3(hardly on the growth charts) and still bathing in our large sink. i think these would help transitioning him to the actual bah tub. He is obsessed with mega blocks. i think his thomas ones may be his favorite?

  18. Joyce Harrell says

    My grandchildren love bath paint. We have several sets of mega blocks and they love,them

  19. Janet W. says

    My grandsons love using foam letters and sticking them to the sides of the bathtub. My grandson loves his mega blocks building table!

  20. Jenny Lloyd says

    my boys love bath time (play time)! we our in the process of “updating” our bath toys, our current favorites are cars and a floating race track and of course, bubbles and bath colors are a must

  21. Joanne Vanderheite says

    Loves to pour water out of cups, and the first builders are our fav. Thanks for the chance to win these fun tub toys.

  22. Ashley C says

    We use mega blocks in our bath right now! (not special bath ones though). My kids have an ABC set and a car set


  23. Amanda Starr says

    My baby is almost 4 months old so all she really does right now is splash in the bath while I hold her. We don’t currently have any Mega Bloks products.

  24. Christina says

    Bathtime has always been a fun time in our house…. we often do really messy crafts before bath time… the kids love painting the tub, fishing in the bath. I love the BILLY BEATS DANCING PIANO – we got it for Christmas and all the kids have enjoyed playing with it.

  25. Nannypanpan says

    We practice spelling with foam letters in the bath and we used to have tabs to color the water. He has a Thomas megablok set that is his fav

  26. Heather B says

    We love playing with our Thomas the Train toys when my little man takes a bath. Actually the new game seems to be my son puts the trains on the edge of the tub and my dog knocks them in,,, rinse and repeat! We just got our first megabloks set for Christmas. He was given the big tub with a jungle theme, we love playing with them.

  27. Susan Chester says

    I love giving my grandbabies baths. They smell so good after! The 1-2-3 LEARNING TRAIN looks fun!

  28. Leslie says

    My daughter loves lots of bubbles and playing with her ponies and pretending they’re at the hair salon :)

  29. Vicki Wurgler says

    my granddaughter has boats and figures she plays with in the bath and she also has a Dora house mega bloks

  30. Linda G. says

    He plays with squirt toys and boats I the tub, loves to play with his mega blocks building things

  31. Tracy Jones says

    I did not realize Mega Bloks had bath toys. My son usually takes dinos in the bath with him. He has a lot of the classic blocks.


  32. Wendy R. says

    They have bath toys? Fun! We always liked those foam shapes that stick to the tile, oh and the bath crayons.

  33. Misha Estrada says

    My daughter only has one bath squirter. She loves the bath and would love more toys. She does have a megabloks play table that she really enjoys.

  34. Jennifer T. says

    My son plays with some boats and cups in the tub. I bet he’d love to build with them in or out of the tub.

  35. Carrie says

    We have loads of bath toys from boats to sea creatures and of course bubbles! I think my boys would love the skylanders set

  36. Diane Perez says

    Right now Gina loves the crayons for the tub, she thinks coloring on the tub is the greatest thing. I did not realize mega blocks made bath toys ! We adore the mega blocks princes sets.

  37. Stacey B says

    My son would play in the bathtub for hours with his toys if I’d let him. We own a lot of different types of Mega Bloks toys!

  38. Nici r says

    We have little sea animal squirter s that my son gets bored with. He would love these! We have a bag of a mega bloks that he loves.

  39. carol mclemore says

    My daughter loves bath time because she gets to play in the water with her favorite toys!

  40. Monica says

    Question: how are the spinning/moving parts? I’ve been looking for a waterwheel-type bath toy for awhile now, and so far all the ones I’ve seen have reviews saying they don’t work.

  41. DESIREE H says

    They just started taking baths out of their infant baths, so I do not have any toys for them yet!
    I cannot wait to get some Mega Bloks!

  42. rebecca norton says

    My kids just Love bath time its a fight to get them out not in the tub. They have a little boat the lights up and all different figures that go on it.

  43. Alycia says

    We do a lot of those foam letters and numbers lately where he asks, “what’s this?!” over and over again. :) I really would like to get the Thomas Mega Bloks set for my son as well!

  44. jennifer says

    My boys love the bath, they play with dartboards and basketball hoops designed for the tub but we are looking for new ideas to keep them engaged! Our favorite Megablocks product we own is the zoo pack.

  45. sara wood says

    My son and I always play with bath tub crayons which is fun. My favorite mega blocks product is the to-go table.

  46. Laura says

    Love playing with water bottles in the tub, sounds silly, but there’s lots of fun to be had with them, and sometimes the gurgling noise brings lots of laughter!

  47. Jaime Cummings says

    I like the megabloks dancing piano! My daughter has a big set of rubber duckies in all different outfits.

  48. Jackie says

    My girls love bath crayons and water tablets .. They also have dolls they play with in the tub

  49. Jamie Brigham says

    My son loves to use his 100 ct. bloks with my hubby and they build walls just to knock them down. Bath time has always been fun for us as he loves to swim and play with cars. He even washes his daddy’s legs…

  50. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter has a big bag of mega bloks she got for Christmas, she loves playing with them all. She has a lalaloopsy mermaid doll that she takes into the bath.

  51. Laurie Emerson says

    My son loves to have her favorite baby dolls in the tub so they can get clean at the same time. My son has all of his little boats and ducks and loves to take them for rides around the tub.

  52. courtney b says

    we have the princess mega bloks-and we currently just have squirters and a floating frog thing !:)

  53. Melanie Comello says

    We just got a little net with three fish for our daughters bath time, and she absolutely loves it, as far as the mega bloks, her current favorite is the Mega Blok table! Not just for stacking blocks, but also for climbing purposes lol.

  54. rebecca tardif says

    my kids love bath time…bubbles what ever toys they can find but I have not seen these blocks for the tub til now

  55. susan smoaks says

    we spend about 30 minutes each night during bath time playing with bubbles and toys. it’s a lot of fun! i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  56. says

    My daughter’s used to have some Mega Bloks but we gave them to a friend that needed toys for her kids. They absolutely loved them and were constantly sneaking them into the tub even though they already have a gazillion bath toys.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  57. amanda Whitley says

    my son loves bath toys. he also loves mega blocks so this would be the perfect bath toy for him.

  58. Vikki Billings says

    My grandson loves to play in the bath, he love to build things in the tub and squirt water.

  59. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    Bathtime is full of plastic toys that can go in the tub,,, even a doll washing her hair.
    this looks like a game full of fun!

  60. Gina Ferrell says

    My daughter loves to take a bath with bath toys and bubble bath all the time. My daughter also loves to play with the Mega Bloks and wagon toy that she has.