miWorld Playsets From JAKKS Pacific – Hot Toys for Girls In 2014

Hot New Toys For Girls -  miWorld Playsets From JAKKS Pacific My girls love play sets, we have many small castles with pieces, stores, buildings. My girls just love to play with little replicas and that’s why they’ve fallen for miWorld. We found a small collection of sets at our local WalMart and right away we picked our favorites.

The miWorld Starter Environment set is the perfect intro to miWorld featuring Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon and Dairy Queen Restaurant. So cute and tiny and you won’t believe how detailed and realistic every set is!

miworld sprinkles cupcakes They are super simple to put together and have a lot of wonderful details. You can put them together to make one large set and they’re already proving to provide endless entertainment.


They were kind of hard to spot in our local WalMart so look around!

Check out the entire collection of toys from miWorld.

Girls everywhere are going to fall in love with miWorld just as quickly as my girls have. I’d say these will be hot in 2014!!!

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  1. shelly peterson says

    Looks fun and super cute to play with. My girls would have loved this when they were little.