Healthy Recipes To Inspire Your New Year


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It’s a new year which means we’ve all thought about rededicating ourselves to fitness. This year I’m trying to live healthier and become leaner and that does include a daily fitness schedule. Being healthier also includes eating better. I am no stranger to the desert table so this year I’m learning to say no more often and find other healthy ways to eat delicious foods.

I am a huge fan of simple recipes, we buy organic fruits and vegetables and I like to make the most out of the food that we have. Making simple and yet flavorful salads help brighten up the cold winter days. Get your kiddos to love vegetables when they’re packed full of flavor! Staying healthy and eating well is something I want for my whole family so I make it a priority in our life. We also have an emphasis on the importance of family meals at our home which includes sitting together at thee table each night.

Using one of my favorite tools from I created a collection of some healthy recipe inspirations for the new year. You can create and collect your own favorite recipes with your own Foodie Collections.

In my collection I feature some of my favorite healthy recipes and a few new ones that I can’t wait to try!

Need recipe ideas? also has some of the best recipes all in one place!


What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?

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  1. saminder gumer says

    love the links to the recipes and the photos. i am trying to eat healthier and cut out meat in my diet. one of my favorite recipes right now is a kale caesar salad.

  2. Maryann D. says

    I do try to buy organic whenever possible and my family is definitely into healthy foods! I love to make vegetarian chile and it is very healthy with all the different beans I use.