Finding The Natural Bliss With Coffee-mate – #NaturalBliss Giveaway

cup of coffee It’s that time of year where we are all working on some aspects of our life. Whether it’s health and fitness or personal finance there’s always time to stop and find the blissful moments in each day. For some times it’s something as simple as going on a run by myself or enjoying a cup of coffee while my kiddos nap in the afternoon.

Some of the best moments are the simple ones and this year Coffee Mate is keeping life simple with Natural Bliss. One of the best additions to my cup of coffee!

Natural Bliss Gift Pack

Natural Bliss gift pack features simple ingredients for life’s happy moments:

  •  Reduced value coupon for Natural Bliss
  •  $5 Target Gift Card
  •     Coffee Tumbler
  •   Vanilla Bean Scented Candle
  •     Italian Biscotti Cookies

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  1. Virginia Rowell says

    I find the simple moments each day by watching the sun rise. I also go out and tend to my garden and enjoy what nature gives me.

  2. Jennifer T. says

    I try to savor those times when the kids are snuggled up next to me. I know a day will come soon when they won’t want to hang out or hug their mom.

  3. Susan Smith says

    I get early in the morning before my kids get up so I can have some peace before the day starts.

  4. Lisa V. says

    I’m a backpacker, so each day I wake up in the woods, simple pleasures are watching the sun come up, watching wildlife, enjoying the smells and being thankful to be in the environment.

  5. Terri S. says

    I find my peaceful time of day when I get up early, have a cup of tea, and watch the beautiful birds come to my bird feeders. :-)

  6. Rebecca Parsons says

    My simple moments are in the evening when I am reading to the kids as they are laying in bed!

  7. says

    I feel like I find them when I get down on the floor and play with my dog. When I do that, I stop doing everything else!

  8. Karen Gonyea says

    I have learned the practice of mindful breathing and I pay attention to the quiet moments in each day.

  9. Jamie Brigham says

    I find the simple moments in life by taking in the quiet in my home each morning. I love to watch my son and husband sleep. They look so peaceful .

  10. susan smoaks says

    i find the simple moments each day when i get up and have a nice hot cup of coffee before everyone else gets up. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  11. Laurie Emerson says

    I get up a hour earlier than everyone else and enjoy the quiet with a cup of hot coffee watching the sunrise.