Easy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Moms On The Go – Jimmy Dean Delights


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As a busy mom of three our mornings can be chaotic. It seems just as soon as I’ve gotten one kiddo out the door I’m getting the next one ready to leave and out the door too. In between school, gymnastics and after school activities I’m also jugging a full time work load as well as a fitness routine. Just because I am a busy mom doesn’t mean I don’t want to look and feel good and after the kiddos are at school you’ll often find me in a fitness class or running at the gym.

One place that’s easy to shop is Walmart and in between juggling it all I can run in and grab what our busy family needs. I’ve been really trying to make sure I get in breakfast because it’s so essential to having energy to power me through my day. Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches are such a simple solution for my morning breakfasts. I can easily find Jimmy Dean Delights in my local Walmart and priced under $10 they’re easily within my budget too!

jimmy dean delights

I am a sucker for breakfast sausage and paired with an english muffin it just becomes that much more appealing. I picked up the Jimmy Dean Delights english muffin with turkey sausage, egg whites and cheese.

This delicious combo makes it so easy to have a hearty breakfast that will power me through morning carpools and morning workouts. On top of it all the sandwich is only 250 calories, and there’s some Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwich varieties that have less calories than that!

Jimmy Dean Delights (1)

It’s important that when I eat any meal or serve any meal to my children that is is whole and well balanced. I like making my Jimmy Dean Delights my own by adding simple ingredients like fresh spinach and tomato. I try to sneak in extra vegetables wherever I can and that includes breakfast!

Jimmy Dean Delights (3)

I can add fruit for a little morning sweet snack and have energy all throughout my morning. I find as thee more I am working towards my fitness goals thee hunger I am so egg whites and whole grains are such a great way to start the day with protein. I can’t say often enough how important food is to our family but that also doesn’t mean we’re not busy. In just minutes I have a hot breakfast that I can take with me anywhere.

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So this year when I’m rushing between after school activities or heading to the gym I know I’ll have a great start to my day with Jimmy Dean Delights! You can find them now at your local Walmart!

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