Celebrate More With Pillsbury Baking – Peppermint Kissed Whoopie Pies

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (9) We’re still celebrating more all year long and this Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating more love. That means taking more one on one moments with one another and that includes baking in the kitchen.

Using Pillsbury® Baking products we easily create special treats and even better sweet memories in the kitchen. Nothing says love quite like chocolate and Pillsbury Baking Dark Chocolate Cake creates a rich and flavorful treat. To create our own whoopie pies we started with our cake mix. I found this heart shaped pan at my local craft store and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day treats.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (1) Since you’re not making a full cake I suggest start baking at 8 minutes at 350 degrees. Remember to grease your pan.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (2) Once baked allow your cakes to cool on a wire rack.

I wanted a simple cream filling so I used a heavy cream. I also used Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Peppermint Frosting. A light layer of frosting is all each cake needs. Add the cream and top!

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (3) You’ll want to allow these to cool for another hour. These simple peppermint kissed whoopie pies are an easy way to celebrate more sweet moments with the ones you love most.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (7)

Be sure to visit the Pillsbury Baking website, on their Facebook page (facebook.com/PillsburyBaking) and the Pinterest page (pinterest.com/pillsburybaking) for more baking inspiration.



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  1. Brenda Elsner says

    We are celebrating more by spending more quality time together and doing more as a family.

  2. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & I are hosting a series of rotating house parties with our group of friends this year, each month.

  3. sylvia says

    we are spending more quality time together and celebrating accomplishments not just birthdays and major holidays. :)

  4. Beverly Metcalf says

    I love the heart shaped whoopee pies. A great idea for valentine’s day. .I don’t think we’ve been celebrating more, were just more appreciative of the things we do have. Thanks for having this contest.

  5. heather c says

    I have finally organized all my decorations! I’ll start decorating a few weeks before each celebration, and make food I find on pinterest.

  6. Ericka Shervington says

    awesome giveaway… I would like to take time to spend with my family and friends, but a little me time wouldn’t hurt as well…. I think celebration should be a monthly thing!!!

  7. Marcy Strahan says

    We are going to try to have more outdoor celebrations with crawfish boils, BBQ’s or fish frys!