Celebrate More With Pillsbury Baking – Peppermint Kissed Whoopie Pies


Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (9) We’re still celebrating more all year long and this Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating more love. That means taking more one on one moments with one another and that includes baking in the kitchen.

Using Pillsbury® Baking products we easily create special treats and even better sweet memories in the kitchen. Nothing says love quite like chocolate and Pillsbury Baking Dark Chocolate Cake creates a rich and flavorful treat. To create our own whoopie pies we started with our cake mix. I found this heart shaped pan at my local craft store and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day treats.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (1) Since you’re not making a full cake I suggest start baking at 8 minutes at 350 degrees. Remember to grease your pan.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (2) Once baked allow your cakes to cool on a wire rack.

I wanted a simple cream filling so I used a heavy cream. I also used Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Peppermint Frosting. A light layer of frosting is all each cake needs. Add the cream and top!

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (3) You’ll want to allow these to cool for another hour. These simple peppermint kissed whoopie pies are an easy way to celebrate more sweet moments with the ones you love most.

Pillsbury Whoopie Pies (7)

Be sure to visit the Pillsbury Baking website, on their Facebook page (facebook.com/PillsburyBaking) and the Pinterest page (pinterest.com/pillsburybaking) for more baking inspiration.



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  • Rudolph Red Vanilla Flavored Holiday Funfetti Frosting
  • Dark Chocolate Seasonal Cake
  • Chocolate Peppermint Cookie and Peppermint Frosting
  • Holiday Sugar Cookie
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  1. Sue Ellison says

    I’m spending more time celebrating with my family and less time stressing over the small stuff.

  2. Geoff K says

    I’m making it a point to go out with family and friends – and throw dinner parties and game nights more – this year just to celebrate having them in my life and enjoying our time spent together.

  3. Amanda A says

    Celebrate the little things. We love to jsut celebrate anything we can. straight A’s! to perfect attendance!

  4. saminder gumer says

    i am celebrating more this year by treating myself to some well deserved rest and treats when i really want and deserve them.

  5. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’m Celebrating This Year My Enjoying Every Moment, Taking Lot’s Of Photos To Capture The Memories And Of Course Bake More!

  6. Paula Gardner says

    Time always has a way of getting away from me so this year I am trying to plan early and start the prep for every occasion days earlier to enjoy the day of without so much to do no matter what the event is.

  7. Kathleen Ophelan says

    Taking time out of our busy life schedules to have more family time. More family get to gethers.

  8. Janet W. says

    I wouldn’t say we will celebrate more this year than usual… just about the same celebrations through the year!

  9. Andrea v says

    Having fun with the family every chance I can get. We are bowling today and going to a hockey game Monday since they have no school.

  10. Lana Dillon says

    I have more and less that I am working really hard to achieve. I want to be more patient, understanding, compassionate and kind. Less judgmental, abrupt, and time consumed. I hope this makes me a better person so I can be better to all.

  11. Nicole Newby says

    I just started a new job so I am looking forward to getting to enjoy more time out of the house. I have been a stay at home mom of 1 for the last 2 years. I think this will help my relationship with my husband too.

  12. kim says

    We literally just had a unexpected death in the family a few days ago at a young age and we were talking about this very thing how we take life for granted until it is too late I am going to try to take every day for what it is, try not to sweat the small stuff, and as a family we vowed to do at least one fun outing a month together!! I hope it doesn’t get away from me again!

  13. Betsy Barnes says

    This year, we are celebrating more by creating more family time by having a board game night and I am going to make yummy snacks, it’s going to be fun :)

  14. Heather E says

    We are trying to leave the “work stuff” and stress at work and enjoy our time at home. We are also planning and preparing meals at home rather than eating out or picking up takeout.

  15. Terri S. says

    We are celebrating more this year since our little granddaughters have so many upcoming events (birthdays, First Communion) and family celebrations (Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.). They love to help Grandma bake & decorate the special cakes and cookies. :-)

  16. Tanya Boerhave says

    By actually getting out and spending time and having fun with others. I’m finally starting to calm my social phobia.

  17. Rachel H. says

    My son is *just* now old enough to understand holidays like birthdays and christmas so we went all out this year. We’ve all had a total blast so far!

  18. Theresa Jenkins says

    we spent New Years as a family and we are trying to have at least Sunday dinners together… so far it’s been 3 day a week!….maybe it’s true>>>what you do on New Year Eve, you will do all Year

  19. Ashley C says

    We’re trying to do a lot more “just because” things every week!


  20. Anastasia says

    I like to celebrate at random times. When it just feels like we haven’t had any fun or done anything to just celebrate the day, that’s the day I pick :) Have a surprise waiting when the kids get home from school :)

  21. Paula Michele Hafner says

    We are doing more fun things together as a family. We’re also having friends over more often.

  22. Crystal F says

    Hopefully by getting together with family more. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and the family has sort of fell apart. We haven’t gotten together to celebrate together in a while and I miss it. I want to spend more time with them celebrating birthdays and holidays. Thank you!!

  23. Lorena Keech says

    I’ve arranged my vacation days so I have one three day weekend a month to spend with the hubs.

  24. Kristi C says

    We are spending more time together as a family and fixing desserts together a few nights a week.

  25. Valencia says

    I celebrate more by celebrating for no special reason. The sun is shining, let’s celebrate. It’s cloudy, let’s drink, I mean celebrate. Celebrate just because.

  26. Stephanie Phelps says

    We are celebrating more by taking a family vacation and we are already planning to have a family reunion. I will be baking with the kids for both of these a celebrating the small things with them!

  27. heather baker says

    Our kids are still really young so we have little celebrations for anything we can, they really enjoy their accomplishments being noticed.

  28. Denise B. says

    We’re not celebrating more. We have moved away from friends and family. So, we day each day as it comes and have fun as a family.

  29. Susan Ladd says

    I bake cupcakes for all my grandchildren and co-workers all year long using Pillsbury Funfetti Frostings and cake mixes and they love them. Thanks for this awesome sweep :)

  30. shelly peterson says

    Spending more time with friends and family. Having more lunch dates and family game nights and movie nights

  31. elizabeth miller says

    We will definitely be celebrating more as we have a new granddaughter that is 3 months old and another whose mommy is being induced tonight and should be here tomorrow

  32. wild orchid says

    I am getting together with my family for dinner and games once per month!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  33. Birdiebee says

    I am celebrating more this year by taking time out to heal myself so I will be better for my family and friends.

  34. says

    Oh we have so much to celebrate! I think mostly we will try and enjoy our back yard more…We have a great wooden swing set, a bounce house, and I love to grill. Maybe more casual gatherings are in our future…As soon as it’s not ungodly cold, of course!

  35. says

    Well, I’m getting married this year, and that’s a pretty big reason to celebrate. Oh, how? Being grateful – this time last year I was certain I was never going to marry, so I had significantly different plans (not bad, just different.)

  36. Cynthia R says

    I am celebrating more because I think this year will finally be the year we both get raises and find our dream house.

  37. says

    After 3 yers of being out of work due to injury, my fiance is finally back to work so we are financially back on track so we can finally relax more!

  38. Stephanie Larison says

    I’m making more handmade items for family, and having a blast doing it since my daughter is very hands on with it all, too!

  39. Sarah S says

    I am going to celebrate more this year by spending more one on one time with the people who mean the most to me.

  40. Christina Y. says

    I’m celebrating more by having family over more often and also visiting them more often as well. 😀

  41. Erica says

    I’m celebrating more by pursuing my family’s dreams! We’re having our first baby in just a few months so it’s a big deal to make sure we’re happy and satisfied and to show her the importance of education and being true to oneself. :)

  42. megon dorward says

    I am driving across the country this summer for the road trip I’ve always wanted to take.

  43. sarahmarie jerome says

    doing things that make me happy n not everyone else… buys myself more things instead of everyone else

  44. Liz N says

    Making more time to travel to see extended family – like all of my grandparents who are still alive and thriving in their 80’s and 90’s!

  45. Tara says

    I like to make cakes, so I’m trying to make a special cake for every holiday! It makes an ordinary day more fun!

  46. Peter G says

    Buying healthier food and cooking in more. Saves money and I feel like exercising and getting a better outlook.

  47. virgil poore says

    i am trying to spend more one on one time with my kids..seems it is hard to spend time andactually enjoy it and know more about my kids now that they are teens and preteens i want them to know they can still trust and talk to me and their momma.and that is hard with all 3 together we have a 14 and 12 year old but a very active 8 year old.so we are trying to do more one on one time

  48. Jill Myrick says

    We are spending time making crafts such as Valentine cards and cooking together in the kitchen baking cookies, etc.


  49. Russell Moore says

    I’m teaching my granddaughters to bake my grandmother’s holiday sweets. Pass it on!

  50. Jamie Brigham says

    I am celebrating more this year because I am 30 now and realized how great it is. I was fearful but now I am enjoying the moments more.

  51. April V. says

    I can’t say that I have celebrated more this year but I plan on doing so. We had the family over to our house for Thanksgiving for the first time instead of going there and that was lots of fun so we hope to do more of that this year.

  52. kim says

    Hosting a fellowship hour for our youth contemporary musc band at church each month. Your site has some great ideas for the February 8 one. I’m also helping with a 50th Anniversary party planned for March 15!

  53. Jennifer Reed says

    We do not have any specific plans for Valentine’s Day yet. I would love to have some fun baked goods for my kids.

  54. Liza E says

    My way of celebrating is trying to make the dishes my mother & grandmothers made for us when they were with us. They made every thing by memory so we don’t have the recipes, but when I get it right it’s a celebration

  55. rebecca tardif says

    we are just putting away a little money here and there to be able to go out and do something

  56. Karen Matlock says

    I have more time to celebrate by not spending so much time buying! I don’t play the commercial game of the holidays :)

  57. Jacqueline W. says

    My son is getting married at the end of June. I’m sure they’ll be all sorts of parties and showers to attend before the big day!

  58. amber johnson says

    I love to cook. Would love to have more dinner parties. Doesn’t have to be a big deal to celebrate. Celebrate just because.

  59. ashley busse says

    February is my oldest son’s 5th birthday. March is my daughter’s 2nd birthday. April is my youngest son’s 1st birthday.. Then in May, we’ll welcome a new baby boy!!

  60. Laurie Emerson says

    I am celebrating more by making my own cakes and learning how to decorate them with a book I received for Christmas.

  61. AmyBond says

    We are making more time for celebrating the little things and achievements in life. It’s fun to celebrate “just because” sometimes, too!

  62. Barb Stenby says

    making more time to spend with my husband & son so I bake special things for each of them to show how much I love them

  63. terry maigi says

    We are celebrating by spending more time together as a family! My daughter is 2 and she LOVES helping in the kitchen! This would be a fun treat to make that she could help with!

  64. Sharon says

    We started with Christmas for the first time in a long time, now it’s on to all of the holidays for the year

  65. stasha marchese says

    we are planning on teaching my daughter to cook so thats a celebration all by itself, shes 2 and has always wanted to help.

  66. Kayci Stanley says

    My hubby and I try to take time to simply enjoy each others company. We try to make little special moments whenever possible.

  67. Tiffani Jade says

    We will celebrate more this year by doing more fun things together as a family and enjoying the little things/ moments in life.

  68. Tara Woods says

    We have started back having family night and are planning more cookouts and family gatherings.

  69. Carolyn S says

    I’m going to spend time with my family. We’ll probably go out to dinner then make some desserts at home and I’ll call my friends and chat with them a bit.

  70. kathy pease says

    we are going to have more sit down family dinners with everyones schedules sometimes it seems almost impossible but things are starting to clam down :)

  71. Sammie Mauk says

    I am going to pay attention to what “National Day” it is, “National Cupcake, donut, etcetc” day! We are also going to be watching the olympics and having a party for that ;o)

  72. Terry Cross says

    I am celebrating more by spending more time with my family. Having more togethers with great food and lots of fun.

  73. susan smoaks says

    this year we are celebrating by having family get togethers more often and eating good food and having good times. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  74. Diana B says

    I am celebrating more by saying yes more often. My daughter is 7 and is always planning parties so we end up celebrating a lot.

  75. Cassandra Eastman says

    We love to celebrate any little occasion by baking, my 4 year old loves to help out! We also love to celebrate by spending time with family and friends!

  76. Brenda Cushman says

    I love smelling a dessert baking in the oven on a cool day like today.It reminds me of my grandmother and mother which is a great memory.I plan to bake more so my family can smell the same great aroma i did when i was a child.It will make my family happy and me!

  77. Brenda Elsner says

    We are celebrating more by spending more quality time together and doing more as a family.

  78. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & I are hosting a series of rotating house parties with our group of friends this year, each month.

  79. sylvia says

    we are spending more quality time together and celebrating accomplishments not just birthdays and major holidays. :)

  80. Beverly Metcalf says

    I love the heart shaped whoopee pies. A great idea for valentine’s day. .I don’t think we’ve been celebrating more, were just more appreciative of the things we do have. Thanks for having this contest.

  81. heather c says

    I have finally organized all my decorations! I’ll start decorating a few weeks before each celebration, and make food I find on pinterest.

  82. Ericka Shervington says

    awesome giveaway… I would like to take time to spend with my family and friends, but a little me time wouldn’t hurt as well…. I think celebration should be a monthly thing!!!

  83. Marcy Strahan says

    We are going to try to have more outdoor celebrations with crawfish boils, BBQ’s or fish frys!