Mom Talk – Plastic Surgery




We just moved to sunny southern California. Home of some of the most beautiful people but also home to a lot of plastic surgery. With all the access to so many doctors and plastic surgeons in southern California and plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, I’ve been thinking about having a few things done myself.

As a young mom o three I gained a lot of weight with my second pregnancy. I went through a rough year with depression but as I’ve made a commitment to my better health I will admit that want to look good too! I was the mom who lovingly breastfed her children but there’s some things those little monsters sucked out that I just can’t get back. Not to mention wearing a bikini, the weight loss and extra skin has left my stomach needing a nip tuck.

I want to be a a great mom and nothing would ever change that but I also want to look and feel good doing it!

Have you ever had any plastic surgery done? Would you ever get any done? What are some things to consider before getting plastic surgery? 

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  1. saminder gumer says

    i have never had plastic surgery and would probably never do it cosmetically at least. i would exhaust all my options before i went there, no matter what the situation. there are so many side effects and things failing so i would just be super careful.