Holiday Tech Gift Ideas from HP – HP Chromebook 14

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It’s holiday gifting season and this year we have some of the hottest tech holiday gifts from HP.

Check out this video featuring my favorite tech picks from HP.

HP Chrome Book (2)

Our lucky little Kaila scored her first laptop recently from HP, in fact it was her Christmas wish this year. She got a new HP Chrome Book 14 with 3G/4G connectivity and she loves her newest tech gear more than anything else in her room. Its great to play games, look up new things on the internet, watch videos and so much more. With its large 14 inch and very bright LED screen, she has no problems using it where she needs.

HP Chrome Book (3)

The HP Chromebook 14 is a notebook that runs on the lightening fast Chome OS. She has access to the internet and all of the Google Apps along with writing and camera/video capture software. The Google Store has so many apps that she can find any app she could need for so manyt things include many learning and science apps which she loves!


The Chromebook is like a traditional laptop but is ultra lightweight, thin, fast and simple to use and not ruin. It has a 2 USB 3.0 and a 2.0 port, 1 HDMI port, head phone-in/mic-out jack, along with a multi-format digital memory card reader. The HP Chromebook includes 2 speakers and a TrueVision Webcam and mic. It also includes a 16GB Solid State HD which are much more effiecient and reliable than traditional harddrives plus its super fast for loading apps.

What is one of the neatest features is the built in 3G/4G connectivity. We have 200MBs of 4G data included per month with no annual contract. This feature makes it useful for all of us and lets Kaila escape and enjoy the sunny outdoors of California while geeking out. Also included for 2 years is 100GB of Google Drive storage allowing us to store and access files and content anywhere.

HP Chrome Book (1)

What is good about the Chomre Book is its very simple and easy to use. Our 8 year old cannot just download and install files and software like on a traditional PC making this very kid friendly. We can set the times she can use it and have access and control over anything she downloads.

Plus they come in three bright and fun colors which means we can also make her Chromebook 14 her own!

HP Chrome Book (4) You can find the hottest tech gadgets on sale with HP this holiday season. 


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That’s right we are also gifting one lucky person with a HP Chromebook 14 of their very own! 

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  1. Deborah Rosen says

    Since most of my family lives far away, we’re finding joy by spending quality time together on Skype.

  2. Diane W says

    We are enjoying this holiday season by spending time together doing things. Movie, dinner, walks and time talking at the kitchen table.

  3. laurie layton says

    I family and I are finding joy this holiday season by making time to get together. I can be hard to get everyone together with everyone’s busy work and school schedules but we make the effort.

  4. Kim Parrott says

    My family finds joy in the simple things, just being together and creating holiday memories to savor and reliving previous holiday memories.

  5. Jill Myrick says

    We love having extended family come to stay over the holidays. Spending time together reading Christmas books or watching Christmas movies.
    We also love playing in the snow (when possible) and drinking hot cocoa by the fire.


  6. Tara Woods says

    We are spending more quality time together this holiday, eating, watching sports and playing games.

  7. Jennifer Reed says

    We made an effort to spend time with relatives we had not seen in quite awhile to help find joy this holiday season.