Celebrate Weekend Breakfasts – Hungry Jack® Funfetti Donuts with Sweet Glaze Dip

donuts There’s nothing better than waking up my family with something sweet smelling coming from the kitchen. As we head into a new year I am more determined than ever to enjoy more of the simple moments. The weekend breakfasts in our pajamas to the family bedtime stories in bed at night kind of moments. Spending time together as a family is important to us so I want to make sure to make that time.

We’re celebrating all things breakfast with the help from Hungry Jack® seasonal products our family can easily creating family meals that will also create lasting memories. Our kids enjoy playing with their food so it’s always fun to make bite sized foods for dipping.

hungry jack holidau donuts (2)

Hungry Jack® Funfetti Donuts with Sweet Glaze Dip


  • Hungry Jack® Easy Pack Funfetti Pancakes
  • Oil for frying
  • 1/2 cup confectioners sugar
  • 3 TBP of water

Weekend breakfasts need to be easy and these mini donuts are so easy. All you need is oil to fry your pancake batter in and a good cookie scoop for making round balls.

hungry jack holidau donuts (3) Simply cook in 275 degree oil for 3 minutes on each slide. It’s easiest if you just use a small scoop.

hungry jack holidau donuts (4) Once you’ve taken them out of the oil and allowed them to cool slightly. Top with powered sugar and glaze dip.

hungry jack holidau donuts (1) Glaze Dip: Add confectioners sugar and water. Mix until well combined. 

hungry jack holidau donuts (6)

hungry jack holidau donuts (7) Bite sized food is so fun for kids but so are the many seasonal products from Hungry Jack®. As a busy mom with a large family I can appreciate that their products are so easy to use and yet so fun for our entire family. I can make something as simple as pancakes and still please everyone!

 Bringing breakfast back this year is easy and fun with Hungry Jack®!

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  1. Lisa L says

    We’re having the kids take turns picking what’s for family breakfast every weekend morning

  2. Jenny S. says

    I will probably be starting with these mouth watering Hungry Jack donuts. Oh my gosh, so yummy looking.

  3. Sharon says

    I’ll probably try this funfetti donut recipe in addition to making something special on the weekends like pancakes to get us all together for breakfast!

  4. Beverly Metcalf says

    Those donuts look good. We always have breakfast in the morning and I love the Hungry Jack products. Especially their pancake mix, it’s easy to make and tastes good.
    Thanks for having this nice contest.

  5. nuronerd says

    We already use a lot of Hungry Jack because I love pancakes, but I think it would be great multi-generation fun to make those donuts with my mom and kids. I’m a big breakfast person.

  6. Vikki Billings says

    We will make breakfast together, that is what we do on weekends. We do have family breakfast on saturday and sundays.

  7. Samantha D says

    We’ll bring it back by having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :) We just had it for dinner tonight, great on a cold night.

  8. Lorayne Gothard says

    We are going to sit down every Saturday and have breakfast together as a family. We do it sometimes, but we need to do it more. The kids love to help with the pancakes!!

  9. Jessica says

    I am bringing family breakfast back by making pancakes for my family. It is a dish that gathers everybody to the breakfast table.

  10. Susan G says

    by having everyone eat at the kitchen table all together instead of in the living room at breakfast time.

  11. Barbara Long says