A Happier Happy Meal with Books in Every Meal at McDonald’s #HappyMealBooks


happy meal books I remember as a kid being such a big treat to get to go to McDonald’s. I want my girls to enjoy treats and moments just like I did as a kid so today we finally ventured into the newly remodeled McDonald’s in our neighborhood. The sleek new restaurant had a few hidden surprises like this interactive table that was large enough to actually fit our large family!

We were all more than thrilled to see a large table for coloring, touch games along the wall, touch screen games at stations and light up interactive tables which all replaced our old play place. I found there are also activities during the week that would be really engaging and fun for my kiddos.

During the entire month of November McDonald’s wants to encourage children everywhere to celebrate reading by including a book in every Happy Meal. It’s such an easy way to encourage the love of books and these handheld books are the right size for reading in the car on the go. In our house books are much better than toys any day so my girls were thrilled to each get their own mini books.

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The fold out pages and a bite taken out of the corner, these books have real details and are stories your kiddos really will enjoy.  These adorable books teach kiddos about nutrition in a fun and engaging way within each mini book and my girls enjoyed each story.  McDonald’s will also be handing out millions of books this month – talk about celebrating reading!!

The best ways to get kiddos reading is to instill a real joy and fun when it comes to learning something new. It makes them better engaged which means they are really making learning fun. I want to teach my children that reading can be fun and very rewarding!

How do you encourage reading with your kiddos? 

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  1. Saray says

    Our Mcd’s had a really cool outside area to play and the dining room had cute little tables with hamburger seats. They remodeled and took away everything for kids. Now its like an old people hang out. Very dull colors, no toys or play areas. We travel on past it to another Mcd’s that is still kid friendly..
    Love the idea of giving books. Not sure if ours is doing that or not..will check it out!

  2. says

    I take my kids to McDonald’s when they have earned a big day out. Usually after completing a big project or going a long time without fighting. They love McDonald’s and I am loving the new books they are supporting!

  3. Jennifer says

    I love it when fast food restaurants give out books in their kids’ meals, encouraging reading as a fun activity!

  4. says

    I find McDonalds often has great programs and their McDonald houses have brought a lot of comfort to those needing a place to stay when their child is in the hospital. I love that they are giving out books.

  5. Stacey Roberson says

    I think this is a wonderful idea put in place by McDonald’s. I really like that they are encouraging children to read early.

  6. Janet W. says

    That is so great they include a book in the happy meals. I love that they also give fries and apple slices, too!