poopsies® – Not Your Ordinary Onesie!





If you’ve ever had a baby then you’ve had it happen to you. The diaper blow out. It usually happens in the worst of places when our family is all dressed in their best. Just think of all the money I wasted on the cutest of baby outfits too!

Let me introduce you to poopsies® the unique onesie that is designed with a waterproof lining built in. It’s not just a onesie with a liner either, it’s the softest fabric in stylish patterns that also look and feel good on your baby. The satiny smooth co​tton / rayon blend stretches with baby and machine-washes beautifully. The breathable liner is only along the back side of the onesie and you really can’t tell that it’s there.



That unique waterproof lining actually helps contain the diaper blowout which saves a lot of time and money. Especially when baby is very small and those diaper blowouts happen a lot. Or just feed your 12 month old a lot of fruit and see what happens. HA!  poopsies®  are a real solution to a problem every parent has experienced.



Mia was sent a few poopsies® onesies to try out. Right away I noticed the super soft cotton, it’s so soft and comfortable and Mia really was comfortable wearing it. The styles and quality of materials really feel high quality and that’s what I noticed right away. There are poopsies® for girls and poopsies® for boys, you’ll find styles for every kiddo. Just check out how cute Mia is in her short sleeved poopsies® onesie in blue.

poopsies® baby


You can buy online today and make a great gift for expecting moms. Every new parent must try poopsies®



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  1. says

    I’ve switched to cloth because of all the blow outs we’ve had with disposables. Lately I’d really like to be able to use disposables especially when travelling so this would be a great option! One time it got all over our car seat. It was so bad :( The designs are cute too!

    • says

      OH NO! Courtney, that sounds terrible! But it at least made for a good blowout story, right? Use the discount code NOMOREBLOWOUTS when checking out to receive a 15% discount.

  2. Amanda A says

    oh those are interesting. we luckily don’t have blow outs (now) and only a few when she was EBF but we only had the blowouts when we used disposable diapers. These are neat though and I would have tried them with my girls easily!

    I also love the stripes!

  3. Jen says

    Holy expensive. For that price, I think tossing a few outfits after a blowout would be reasonable. $32 for a onsie? No.

  4. Robin Wilson says

    Now that is one cute model you have there! Why oh why weren’t these around when my son was of that age! It would have probably saved a few tears for both of us. Yep clothes and yes furniture ruined! That time my hubby laid him on our white “off limits” love seat for “just a sec”! These are definitely going to be in the arsenal for my niece when I go to her shower!

    • says

      Tamara, we would love for Liam, the king of blowouts, to get a Poopsies! Please use the discount code NOMOREBLOWOUTS when checking out and receive a 15% discount.