Back To School Lunch Solutions – Snapware® Total Solution™ with Pyrex® Glass Food Storage – Giveaway!


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One magazine I can always count on for easy solutions for my life is ALL YOU. From tips for getting the most out of my budget to health recipes my whole family will enjoy I know I can find inspiration for my life. I know I can also find the latest products that really will work for my life.

I was sent a set of the new Snapware® Total Solution™ with Pyrex® Glass Food Storage to put to the test with my family and right away I found it to be much better than my old Pyrex® Storage Containers because of the easy snap on lids. I decided to cut up vegetables and use the Snapware® Total Solution™ for easy access to cut evetagbles for the kids lunch boxes. I found they were also so easy for the kids to use and easily find a healthy snack! When they’re done I don’t have to worry about them closing a bag or getting into the fridge many times because they can grab the container and go!

pyrex snapware

Snapware® Total Solution™ with Pyrex® glass food storage has 100% Airtight & Leakproof lids and the glass container is made with Pyrex oven safe glass. The lids and containers also easy stack and nest inside one another for easy storage when you’re not using them. Since I’m also using glass storage containers I know I can feel good about it. It’s clean and healthy and a great choice for our family!

pyrex snapware
What is truly unique about this product are the lids that feature a Write n’ Erase labeling space. I like this for putting dates on the containers or even letting Dad know when lunch he should take. It’s an easy way to store and I now this back to school season it will be an easy way to easily make lunches in the morning because everything has been cut and prepared.

To get ready for back to school you can enter the Snapware’s Back to School contest on Facebook through Aug 31st . Your child’s entire class can win $1,000 worth of school supplies and Snapware products!



I also have one set of Snapware® Total Solution™ with Pyrex® Glass Storage Containers to give away! 

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  1. says

    Currently we have several different sets of storage units that we use. None give the ability to write on them. I like that.

  2. breanna harrington says

    Using old tubberware dishes that are stained and the lids just don’t fit right any more. Would help because the lids obviously would fit and they are glass so they are much harder to stain! :)

  3. rebecca norton says

    we have the ones from our wedding (8 years ago) and we have cheap ones it would be nice to get a new nicer set that had everything

  4. says

    I have used Pyrex in the past and they freeze food so great! It’s sad to admit this, but right now I use any ziploc type containers I get at the dollar tree. I would love these to freeze leftovers or slow cooker meals.

  5. Rosene Martin says

    I don’t have any sets like this, but I think they’d be perfect! My children could see inside without taking the lids off (& then of course spilling!).

  6. lana simanovicki says

    i need these i dont have any storage containers my husband leaves them at work and my kids use them outside to put dirt and bugs in

  7. Jessica Goodman says

    We don’t have any storage sets. We moved and we just haven’t gotten anymore. These look really cool. I love the fact that you can write on them and erase it when you are done using the container.

  8. Sadie B. says

    I have lots of tupperware from garage sales. I need to replace the old worn out plastic.

  9. Amy L says

    We have various plastic containers that I pack lunches in, but some are missing lids, due to melting or warping in the dishwasher, and I’d prefer to use glass as I think it’s healthier. I’d love to try these containers.

  10. Stacey B says

    We currently use plastic dishes, anything from Tupperware to disposables, but I can’t always trust the lids to stay on properly

  11. Rhonda Tenderholt says

    we have some plastic ones that are supposed to be stackable, but the way my kids empty the dishwasher…and then a bunch of others that are all over the cabinet.

  12. says

    We just have cheap plastic containers. They stain easily and after being in the dishwasher so many times, the lids don’t fit correctly anymore :(

  13. soha molina says

    I have some dishes I use for storge. This would make it a lot easier for me to cook and store.

  14. Jamie Brigham says

    My current storage solutions are mixed up plastic containers, most without lids, just covered with aluminum foil or we don’t save extras at all. I also use sandwich baggies for the kid’s and hubby’s lunch…. Very expensive when you add it all up.

  15. Gayle J says

    I dont have any sets just use margarine containers . This would help me minimize storage plus its safer to use

  16. Kim Henrichs says

    OH my gosh my cupboards are full of chinese food containers which are great, but they don’t always match. this would be amazing.

  17. Denise L says

    I currently use containers very similar in design except that they are plastic. I’d love to ditch the nasty plastic and go with glass!

  18. Cynthia R says

    i have some old tupperware but somehow i have more containers than lids, I don’t know where they all disappeared too.

  19. April Yedinak says

    Right now I have a few pieces of plastic snap-ware and some really large covered plastic bowls.

  20. Amy Orvin says

    We store stuff in plastic bags. This would help so much and keep food from freezer burn or going bad.

  21. Christina says

    I’ve been in the process the last year to try to switch over to these type of locking containers. So right now I have a mix of things… some locking, some ceramic, some other plastic. I love the locking ones because they can go in the fridge or freezer easily – they are easy to stack and store.

  22. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    Right now, I use mostly disposables like gladware and ziploc…this would last much longer!

  23. Joseph Stowell says

    I have a hodgepodge of used soft-margarine containers and other “disposable” plastic containers. Call me cheap!

  24. mrsshukra says

    Slowly switching to glass and stainless steel containers! I didn’ know Pyrex made these lock and lock type storage containers, nice and would make a wonderful addition to my new containers!

  25. Michelle Hudak says

    I have an assortment of odd lids and bottoms and none seem to go together. It’s frustrating trying to pair a match when I need one.

  26. Christina Sparks says

    The containers I have are extra small and cheap plastic, So I usually can’t fit anything in them and when I do they end up smelling like the plastic container.

  27. says

    we have some rubbermaid tupperware, but we definitely don’t have enough, and I like that these are glass. I am a little nervous about the completely plastic ones and it being unhealthy.

  28. Brandy W. says

    We currently use plastic bags, foil and re-use plastic containers like butter, cottage cheese, etc… So this would be a big upgrade for us!!

  29. Tabitha P. says

    I use snapware but they are plastic ones.
    They keep dwindling in numbers as well.
    I wonder who keeps taking them…

  30. Danielle Papsis says

    We use Rubbermaid but we definitely need to start replacing them when the lids are cracking, it makes me nervous that the chemicals in the plastic may leech into the food we eat when we heat it up.

  31. Kelsie says

    My current storage solutions are mismatched storage containers that i cannot seem to ever find the lids to!! With a new baby on the way, this would really help~

  32. Robin Wilson says

    Somehow, like socks in a dryer, most of my small storage containers have disappeared! Right now I have resorted to using sandwich bags for lunches and storage. These would be a huge help!

  33. Danielle Porter says

    I lose most of my containers! no idea how. Lots of lids but missing containers. 😕 These would be great! You can’t lose glass as easily as plastic! They will also probably clean easier.

  34. Susan Christy says

    I use a bunch of gross plastic containers – need a new solution for storing leftovers!

  35. Judy Estrin says

    Too many old containers that were obtained at parties from the 70s. Mismatched lids. Plastic bags with written dates you can’t read. Yes! This new product would make our leftovers very happy.

  36. betty says

    various rubbermade/plastic storage containers. I like that the glass can be used in microwave which most of the plastic shouldnot be used

  37. Rebecca Orr says

    We are currently using a variety of different brands, shapes, and sizes of storage containers. It is a hassle finding the right lids and size container we need. Plus, all of our containers are made of plastic, so they hold stains really well. If we had glass, things like tomato sauce wouldn’t stain anymore.

  38. Robyn says

    I have found I really like the kind with screw on lids, it just seems like the keep the food a lot more fresh. I also use a lot of mason jars!

  39. Jessica H. says

    Right now I have foil, saran wrap, and cheap plastic containers that constantly break or the lids snap off. I could really use these. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  40. Danielle says

    I have storage containers but most of the lids are missing and trying to put foil or plastic wrap over the top isn’t working out very well. I love the snap on lids and the containers look very sturdy and durable, so I could use them to pack my lunches with.

  41. Tara Liebing says

    I use ziploc bags or siran wrap for alot of leftovers. My plastic food storage containers are hard to organize and sometimes I can’t find the right lid. These would be very helpful because I can get rid of my old ones. I also like that they are leakproof and air tight and you can put them in the oven, one less dirty dish.

  42. ashley c. says

    I currently don’t have many matching tops and bottoms so I have to use plastic wrap and aluminum foil. This would be fab!

  43. Vera P. says

    We are missing lids and I actually just threw away some tonight while digging for something that had a lid. I don’t know what keeps happening to them lol Maybe they are with the lost socks… This would definitely be helpful and come in handy to store leftovers.

  44. Blessie Nelson says

    Presently we are using basic plastic containers from Ikea. But storing food in plastic is not good for health. So the Pyrex storage containers in glass would help us so much!

  45. Jill Myrick says

    We use mostly ziploc containers, cool whip and butter containers.
    So this would be great for us. And allow me to get rid of some of the old and ugly containers.


  46. Stephanie says

    It is currently so hard to find lids and containers that match! This would help so much to keep me organized!

  47. Deb S says

    Right now I use whatever I can find in the cabinet. I need something like this because it would make things easier to store in the fridge.

  48. ky2here says

    My brilliant solution is to cram everything in one bottom cabinet and hope like hell I can locate a lid for every container! Help.

  49. dawn cook says

    i currently use plastic storage bags, the snapware would be great! no more sqished, leaking bags!

  50. Mary Cloud says

    I use plastic storage bowls – I would love to try these so they wouldn’t melt or stain
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  51. Joy Q says

    I usually use the cheap plastic ones but these would be great because I can never find a lid that fits.