Great Headbands for Runners: BIC Bands – Giveaway!


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I’m not a marathon runner by any means although one day I’d like to complete one!  My friend Sarah – who is pretty rad by the way says that every runner must have Bic Bands. She’s a marathon runner so I pretty much take her word for anything fitness related. Now I wasn’t so sure what she kept raving about so I was thrilled when a set of BIC Bands showed up in the mail!

After trudging on for miles with no real headband to keep my hair straight I was thrilled when I finally put my new BIC Bands to the test. They actually worked! I powered through a Zumba class and a 4 mile run with no problem. Finally – a real solution to my runners hair or dorky dancer hair either way these things work!

bic bands

I personally love how fashionable they are too! I find myself not just wearing them when I run but they’re so comfortable I’m wearing them more often. You’ll find a BIC Band that fits your style easily too because there are so many fabric choices to pick from. Each month a portion of sales gets donated to a charity. I like the idea of also supporting a small USA made business. If you need a headband that will outlast your fitness routine or even your busy day I too am now a full believer that BIC Bands really are the best!

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  1. Jennifer T. says

    I’d get the Big Bling Sparkle Peacock and the Minnie Sparkle Gold bands.