Completing Invisalign Treatment

kristin lesney

before – 2011

September 2011 I started my Invisalign treatment. My teeth were very crooked in front and the front right tooth was chipped. from far away it looks like a great smile but up close it was a different picture. I’ll have detailed photos from my orthodontist next week.

I have to say I have had some amazing experiences because of my blog. I’ve traveled thousands of miles and seen many far away cities I thought I’d never see.  My Invisalign treatment is the one opportunity to has most drastically changed my life. This opportunity gave me the smile I had always dreamed about it. It made me a more confidant person and made my dreams come true.  I feel like I’m finally growing up and becoming a woman and I can move into the next stage of my life feeling better. My new smile gave me a fresh look at myself and makes me feel better about me!


after – Jan 2013

2013 is the year of me. I will live a healthier and more whole life. I realize that in time comes change and as I grow I hope to take my beautiful new smile into a more successful and happy future.

Invisalign Posts: 

before and after of teeth


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  1. says

    Wow, what a difference! You still look just as beautiful, but your teeth look freaking great! I really wish we could afford Invisalign, both of us need it.