Hot Holiday Gifts With HP #PinTheHalls Giveaway!

This year I’ve been busy buying gifts for everyone else on my list so I was thrilled when HP asked me again to partner with them. This time I get to share my hot holiday gifts with you all and introduce you to a few new ones. I have been using HP products since I got my first computer many years ago and we’ve been happy HP customers. Besides my previous laptops by far my most used product has to be my HP All-In-One Printer.

HP’s Holiday Headquarters at offers a complete destination for you this season by providing tools, products and resources to create an unlimited array of one-of-a-kind printables – including photo cards, festive decorations and DIY gifts. I can’t wait to share the gifts I created and what fun I’m going to have with my hoe made indoor decor created with HP products!


One of my other favorite products includes this With the HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you have the ability to wirelessly connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether it is a PC, Android, iPod Touch, or iPhone, the HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker allows you a tangle free thrill at your convenience. We plan on using this speaker which we received to review during our Christmas party at our house. I have been using it for the past week and Christmas carols sound delightful on it and I can take it anywhere!


Then there are some of my favorite gifts to give. The personalized photo gifts are among my favorite gifts to give. I can affordably and easily create a unique gift that I know my friends and family will love. This year I’ve spent a great amount of time making things like notepads for stockings, mugs for distant relatives, photo canvases for Grandma, mouse pads and so much more all from Snapfish.

If you’re looking for the ultimate family gift look no further than the HP ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO computer. We received one for our family and my girls quickly picked it up. To us this computer is GROUND BREAKING! The coolest feature about the ENVY is the touch screen. It is always fun to go into places and play those touch screen games and the idea that one day we would be able to actually just touch the screen to select what we want, than moving the mouse, is actually here!  The touch screen is super responsive for us and the kids and the screen actually can recognize all 10 fingers at once which opens up so much more with it comes to interactivity.

What sets this touch screen apart, since of course there are things like these tablets that run apps. Those are fun and all, but they are not dedicated cooputing machines. I mean they cannot run the software needed for daily computer life. Whether its running software for gaming, editing software, to small business applications, a full computer PC is needed. This takes the best of all worlds and puts it into a nice sized package. Pulling the ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO out of the box was pretty simple. It included a wireless mouse and keyboard. All we had to do was physically set it up, plug in the power cable and turn it on. Wndows 8 makes it easy to setup, just follow the directions. We use a hotmail account that we had with MSN years ago and Dad’s Xbox Live account, was all linked into with ease to Windows 8. After setup, we installed some applications and are getting a feel for the new operating system.


Back to the goodies of this machine. What we all like is its nice compact size. With the computer built into the touch screen monitor, the ENVY is truly space saving. What else I like about its size is it doesn’t have a built in cooling fan, at least not one I can hear. So this thing is near silent, which is nice from always hearing spinning fans. Our girls love the front camera and will also help us stay connected to family who is far away.

This powerful little machine has an Intel i3 processor and 6 GB of RAM. It has a high performance built in graphics card and 1 TB hardrive, for all the photos we have. We can play games, to using photo and video software and everything else we could ever want, all while just touching the screen. It also has USB 3.0 which is nice for all my photography and photo transferring from my DSLR for editing and uploading. And to top it all the ENVY comes equipped with Beats Audio and a built in speaker system which sounds great and can fill the upstairs with music which is great for the holidays! Overall, this is a just an awesome computer for my whole family!

When it comes to the holidays HP has it covered from gifts to easy do it yourself crafts and decor for thee holidays HP makes it happen around our house.  Join our family as we partner with HP. I’ve got some cute crafts to share soon and some easy diy ideas to make the holidays a little more special.

We also received an HP holiday value pack that comes with your HP order. The holiday value pack includes (10) 5×7 sheets of photo paper, (10) envelopes, and a “swatch book” that contains printing project ideas. It can be used to jointly with HP Creative Studio to create free holiday items from the comfort of your home. While most projects on HP Creative Studio can be made with regular 8×10 printing paper, some projects will “pop” better using the included photo paper. I can’t wait to share my holiday creations!

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? What hot items have your kids, friends, or family members requested this year that they just must have?

For HP and Snapfish products, visit and

Pinterest is the perfect platform to let your inspiration flow and decorating for the holidays has never been easier with HP Creative Studio, the holiday HP Create board, and where you can find all sorts of decorating items and gift ideas this holiday season. Check out my Pinterest Board featuring my hottest holiday gift ideas.

ENVY 120 Printer, an additional $50 Snapfish gift card and a holiday value pack for a giveaway.


Main Entry: To enter, tell me about what some of your favorite HP products are and what you might create if you won this printer.

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I am a compensated HP brand ambassador, although I am a long time HP fan and, as always, I only choose companies I would recommend personally to work with professionally. All children, photos and recipes are my own.

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  1. Beverly M says

    I like my daughter’s HP printer she has. I would love to win this one. Thanks for this contest.

  2. Kathleen Hand says

    I love my hp laptop so much that I upgraded to a new one and still use the old one! I would love to create family collages with the printer

  3. Sarah L says

    Never had a HP product. I’ll first make some cards for birthdays coming up.
    Thanks for the contest.

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    Hasn’t shown my last 3 comments and the number hasn’t changed.

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  7. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we like the HP ENVY dv6-7214nr Notebook PC; our daughters would print photos, papers for school, art projects, etc.