Budgeting Tips for Mummies

Being a parent can be expensive. You’ve got several mouths to feed, school outings to pay for and there’s that all important holiday that comes around each year; not to mention Christmas and birthdays! On the face of it all, it can be very easy to spiral into any debt, but with a few precautionary measures and some clever budgeting tactics, you can afford the things you need and want without drifting into the red.

To help you keep on top of your finances, we’ve devised some clever budgeting tactics to keep you firmly in the black and strike a better balance where money is concerned. The first stop is to give your finances a good check over and start saving money! Look at your bank statement from last month to see where your money has gone. Cutting out luxuries and highlighting ways to comfortably cut costs can help you budget more efficiently. Check your entitlements to see if you are getting all the benefits due to you or are you missing out on extra cash? Just twenty pounds a month can make all the difference to your monthly budget so do double check your entitlements. Look at your largest payments and brainstorm ways to reduce them. For starters, cutting down on food bills can help. Make a note of all your monthly payments for gas and electricity bills and insurance and shop around to compare prices from other companies. It’s very easy to do and doesn’t require hours of phoning around. Most money comparison websites will do all the hard work for you. Be a savvy shopper by researching ways to make food shopping and other purchases cheaper. Many high street stores offer reward schemes, loyalty cards and vouchers as well as a lot of web-based schemes to help you save money when you shop online.

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