Perfect For Moving Baby – Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard


Just this morning I put Mia down on her play mat and made my family breakfast. I turned around for just a few moments to flip and pancake and Mia had rolled over 3 times and was feet from where I had laid her down. At 4 months old she’s starting to become mobile and as a busy mom of three children I always want to be sure that she’s safe. Not that we have stairs anywhere near but with two older daughters there are lots of toys around. She’s also starting to put things in her mouth so my fear is she will get to something she shouldn’t have. Even the dogs toys which somehow also manage to be all over the house.

We were sent the  Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard  from Summer Infant and as Mia starts to move more and more I know this is something we can use. If I need to do dishes or vacuum and mop the floors I know she’ll be safe in the area that I leave her.

It’s easy to use and folds up easily too. I like how you can get inside and it has a lock. Which I know I may need once she becomes even more mobile.

For parents wanting to create a safe play area for their child that’s easy to set-up, lightweight and conveniently portable, the SecureSurround™ Playsafe Playard by Summer Infant is it! It provides a complete barrier for your child or pet and includes 6 plastic panels that easily connect to create a configurable gate or a free-standing play area.



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    Wow, I absolutely love this! I didn’t even know they made something like this, leave it to Summer Infant! I love their products :)

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    Oh I love the lock…. I had a different brand of a similar product, but the way it shut was SO difficult and I actually ended up breaking it :( I definitely like this one better. Thanks for the great review!

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    I love mine!!!! I took ours apart and use the pieces as gates. But maybe ill try it as a connected yard and see how Shwlby thinks of it. Basically we have the living room blocked off with it and Shelby gets free roam of the room.

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    OH what a GREAT idea! I have one of these and I NEVER thought of putting the baby inside! I’ve used it for lots of other things though. The toddlers running around here tend to forget the baby is playing on the floor, so this is a great idea.

    Thanks for the review!

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    I think this would be a great baby shower gift idea (which I’m currently in the market for, with my oldest and their wife having their first child on the way). Thanks for the great review!