Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System: Beef Stew Recipe – Giveaway


I already have another Ninja appliance in my kitchen so I was more than thrilled to hear about the new Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System. I have a traditional slow cooker machine but was immediately impressed at how many uses it has.


  • Heats from the bottom and the sides at the same time
  • Cook meats up to 50%* faster than in a conventional oven
  • Fast and healthy one pot meals in 30 minutes or less

Ninja® Roasting Rack

Designed to fit inside the Cooking System, to hold foods when using steam roast or steam bake mode
Holds up to 6 lb. chickens and 4 lb. roasts

Ninja® Multipurpose Baking Pan

Durable non-stick rectangular pan provides optimum food release for easy cleaning
Perfect for baking cakes, casseroles, meats, poultry
Measures 9.5″ x 7.25″

This week I needed a quick and healthy meal for my family. I tested out the cooking portion of the Ninja Cooking System and created a simple and filling dish.

Beef Stew Recipe


  • beef stew meat
  • 2 small onions chopped
  • 1/2 bag sliced carrots
  • 2 cups of celery chopped
  • 15 small potatoes chopped
  • 2 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 3 tbsp beef base
  • 5 cups of water

I simply added everything in it and set the timer on high for 4 hours. I had a simple and healthy meal for my family and I didn’t have to do much of anything. The meat was perfectly cooked and it came together beautifully.

You could easily cook this on low for even longer and just start it in the morning for a dinner that night. The Ninja Cooking System is so easy to use and the display is easy to read. I can’t wait to try making cookies!It’s the perfect kitchen gadget for fast and easy meals, it just cooks faster!!

The Ninja Cooking System would be the perfect gift to give this holiday season. It sells for $199.00 and has a 5 year warranty!



We have one Ninja Cooking System to also give away.

Main Entry: To enter, tell me what you wold cook in the Ninja Cooking System. I also want to know your favorite feature.

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Giveaway ends 11-30-2012





  1. mrsshukra says

    Would like to cook beef stew with the Ninja I like that this cooks meals 50% faster than a conventional oven!

  2. alyce poalillo says

    Like that it is non stick and also ■Cook meats up to 50%* faster than in a conventional oven.

    I would make soups and chili in it

  3. Ann Fantom says

    I would cooka pot roast

    I like that the Ninja cooking system uses super heated steam to cook quickly.

  4. Cynthia C says

    I’d like to try pulled pork in it.
    I love that you can use it to cook meals very quickly and even bake a cake in it.

  5. Terri S. says

    My family loves beef stew and now that we’re having cold temps that is one thing I would definitely make. I would also make pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I like that it is so versatile and saves time in the kitchen. :-)

  6. Kelly Ann T. says

    I would cook clam chowder and beef brisket. My favorite feature is that it cooks meats up to 50%* faster than in a conventional oven.

  7. Colleen fuller says

    Thank you! I would love to try your Beef Stew while using it! I like that it cooks Fast and healthy one pot meals in 30 minutes or less! I am too busy with babies, a new job, teeenageers, etc! I have no time to cook much less be as healthy! I would love this! Thanks again!!

  8. Michele P. says

    I think we would make beef stew or chili in it, nice comfort foods for these Fall days! Also, I like that it heats up from the sides and the bottom at the same time.

  9. Sue Ellison says

    Oops! Forgot to add my feature! I like that you can also use steam infusion to bake your favorite cake with half the fat and a lot less calories.

  10. Alicia says

    I think I’d try the beef stew first!

    I like that you can brown in this thing.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  11. says

    I’d like to try baking some brownies in it :-) I also like the timed slow cooker feature that goes to ‘warm’ after the time if up :-)

  12. Sarah L says

    I’d make a pot roast and I like this feature: Sear using built-in stovetop before slow cooking – all in one appliance!
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. Vicki Wurgler says

    I would make pulled pork and I like the feature that it is non-stick- easy to clean up

  14. Eileen says

    I love the fact that it features a 30 minutes or less meal time. With kids in sports and a schedule that is simply CrAzY, a good, fast, HOT meal in the midwest would be fantastic. AND oh…my…gosh, non stick means easy clean and more time for homework help or time with hubby for some tv time much sooner than later;)

    I honestly dont eat it much, but I”d be making some venison stew in this cooker and I might add my teen son and husband might even learn to use it themselves for their “game” feeds. It seems it would make things SO much more tender!

    thanks for hosting!

  15. Sandra K321 says

    I would make steamed salmon with apricot sauce. I like the fact that it is a slow cooker as well as a steamer/baker since it takes up less room on my counter.

  16. Claire says

    My favorite feature is that it heats from both the bottom and the sides. I would make a chili I think!

  17. victoria lester says

    I would cook baked beans with bacon in it. My favorite feature is that it is “fast and healthy one pot meals in 30 mins. or less”.
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

  18. victoria lester says

    I follow you on Google+ – I’m victoria lester
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com
    entry 1

  19. victoria lester says

    I like you on facebook – I’m victoria liester
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com
    entry 1

  20. victoria lester says

    I follow you on twitter – I’m @victoria99999
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  23. victoria lester says

    I commented on Haunted Hotels-Omni Hotel’s Spooky Stories‏
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

  24. Ellie W says

    I would make spicy chicken stew.
    My favorite feature is One-Pot Meal Making.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  25. Carolina Contreras says

    I would make pork carnitas and chocolate marble cupcakes. I love the searing and the steam bake. I want to see if my baking comes out just as great without all the fat and still moist.

  26. Tara Liebing says

    I would love to have this I would make soups, roastbeef, BBQ beef and tons of other stuff!

  27. victoria lester says

    Comment on a non-giveaway post:
    Apple Pear Walnut and Raisin Pie Recipe
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

  28. Marysa says

    Love that the inside comes out for easy washing!
    I would love to cook some kind of potato soup in this.. potato leek or cheesy potato!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  29. katklaw777 says

    I would make my famous chili.

    The feature I like is the SEAR-ious Slow Cooking and being able to use the same pot to sear and brown meats and veggies. Fantastic time saving feature!!!

  30. Nicole Larsen says

    I love that it Heats from the bottom and the sides at the same time and I’d cook pot roast with tons of veggies!

  31. Terry C says

    I’d make chili,stew,roasts,soup,just to name a few.

    My favorite feature is the super-heated steam that cooks up to 50% faster, with less fat vs. conventional ovens.

  32. Tarah says

    I would do a roast. I love that it makes fast and healthy one pot meals in 30 minutes or less. As a full time working mom & wife – fast & healthy are two words I adore!

  33. Donna Penn says

    Baby back ribs would be my first recipe to try. I like the roasting option since my oven sets off my smoke alarms too easily.

  34. Wendi S says

    I have joined your community- Wendi

    I have liked you on facebook-Wendi Carroll Shifflette

    I follow you on Twitter- @wmshifflette

    I subscrie to your email-wendishifflette

    I follow on Google Plus- W Shifflette

  35. Theron Willis says

    Corned Beef and Cabbage.

    Favorite feature? Faster cooking time than conventional oven cooking.

    Hope to win!

  36. Racheal s. says

    The first recipe I would make is a vegetarian chili. My favorite feature of the Ninja cooking system is the non-stick pan; anything that makes clean-up easier is a plus!

  37. Stefanie C says

    I would LOVE to try making my grandfathers meat sauce in the Ninja! It is an all day process. It usually requires someone home all day to stir it and keep an eye on the stove. But I would imagine it’d be just as delicious and EASIER in the Ninja!!!!

  38. Theresa Jenkins says

    Main Entry: Pot roast is a family fav … ■Fast and healthy one pot meals in 30 minutes or less

  39. kristin says

    I would cook up some pulled pork for sure. This is an awesome appliance; i really like how it can go from oven to stove to a slow cooker which makes the appliance just awesome.
    I own the ninja blender which i also love!

  40. Sue Ann says

    I have been researching the Ninja Cooking System for a while now and would love to have one. The first thing I would tr would be the complete pasta meal with meatballs. It amazes me that you can cook it all in one pot. Hope to get to try it soon!

  41. Sherri Mines says

    What would I cook? Moroccan Srew, Chili, Corn Pudding, Chicken Cacciatore – the list goes on! Just like Sue Ann, I have been looking into the Ninja for a while. I love my crock pot, but hate browning and pre-cooking in a separate pan. And I like the idea of fewer cooking gadgets.

  42. Christian Alejandro N. says

    I would cook vegetable soup with delicious potatoes! I like that you can cook a meal from the freezer in thirty minutes

  43. Heather! says

    I am excited about making a pot roast in the Ninja! Because it cooks so fast (my favorite feature), it would be ready in no time. Awesome!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com