My 1912 Kodak Camera


I found three cameras at a garage sale this summer. I picked them all up for $30. The previous owner who was a collector of things explained how to use them and had tales of actually using the camera for fun.

I want to actually use this camera and try it for myself. Today was poking around with it we discovered how you see the photo you are taking. A small glass piece near the front shows the photo you are taking.Basic yet effective.

I’m kind of in love with these cameras.



  1. says

    If you do a little searching online, there are tutorials on how to use those as pinhole cameras or to make sunprints!

  2. Eileen says

    I am over 50 and actually REMEMBER my dad’s and uncles cameras like this. With all the new technology and digital EVERYthing, it’s really cool to go back to basics and just shoot something with a fun old piece of equipment I bet. Sometimes LESS is MORE they say;)