Hot For The Holidays: New Xbox 360 Kinect Kids Games – XBox Bundle Giveaway


The Xbox 360 is one of the greatest gaming devices around, according to my husband Del. Since a young kid he has been playing games starting when he owned his first 8-bit gaming system in the 1980’s. It was very simple, but as years passed the technology became better and better and more game systems were created not just for the home but also the road. He remembers every year growing up, waiting to see what new game system was coming out and what was going to be the newest technology that will set out the next best game maker. When he would create his list of things that he really wanted for Christmas he said that every year would include a game system or a game accessory or certain video game.

But it was not until Microsoft came out with the original Xbox did gaming change as the world knew it. Games finally took advantage of the massive storage allowed by the Xbox DVD-ROM, and used that space to for the creation of the best graphics and game engines outside of a computer. And not only were the graphics great, they could store enough data to provided days, weeks, and years of gameplay. He still to this day plays videos games, but not like he used to. But being a dad he has used video games as a way to bring our daughters into his hobbies as a kid plus they love to play games too! It is great to talk with them about technology and see them surprised with the past as they are intrigued with the future.

When we heard about the Kinect that was coming out on the Xbox 360, we figured we needed one for us all. It was a simple add on to the Xbox 360.  Would we really be able to interact using our bodies, and do away with the controller? The answer was simply, yes! We have owned a Kinect and have a library of Kinect titles including the original Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Fantastic Pets, Once Upon a Monster, Winter Stars, Michael Jackson The Experience, Nickelodeon’s Victorious Time To Shine, and our newest titles Sesame Street and NatGeo TV America The Wild.

The National Geographic NatGeo TV title is great because not only is it interactive, but it plays a small episode teaching the kids something new and exciting about animals and nature. They then get a chance to interact with their environment. The Kinect turns the user’s arms and head into the animal to be. We all had fun! You are led through the Yellowstone and Alaska by host Casey Anderson and his 800 pound grizzly bear Brutus. Become an owl, wolf, bears, and many animals. Our kids loved this game!
Just check out this video:

NatGeo TV includes:

Volume 1

  • Expedition Grizzly
  • Stalking the Mountain Lion
  • Black Bear Invasion
  • Wolverine King

Volume 2

  • Project Kodiak
  • Inside the Wolf Pack
  • Yellowstone Spring
  • Yellowstone River

Sesame Street  TV was fun for both girls. It is rated EC for Early Childhood and great for toddlers. Brooklin had fun interacting with the Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and all of their friends. From counting different objects that kids like, to getting to play in Elmo’s world little ones can let their imagination come to life! Brooklin can relate to a lot of the content so she enjoyed following along volume 1 just great. Sesame Street TV helps to promote literacy and math skills and teaches kids how to think about science.

Sesame Street TV offers 2 volumes:

Volume 1: Growing Up

  • Elmozilla
  • Baby Bear’s Baby Doll
  • Goodbye Pacifier
  • Siblings

Volume 2: Science

  • Humpty Dumpty’s Big Break
  • Failure to Launch
  • Rocco’s Boat
  • Bubblefest


Both new titles for kids would make a great gift this holiday and if you’re looking for the perfect family gift pick up an Xbox 360 with Kinect today. You can find Xbox consoles and games at all major retailers.


We’re giving one lucky winner an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle and one copy of Sesame Street  TV and one copy of National Geographic NatGeo TV.

Main Entry: To enter, tell me what about these games do you think your kiddos would enjoy. How would you use the Xbox as a family?

Extra Entry Methods:


Giveaway ends 11-30-2012



  1. Debbie McKee says

    The Sesame Street would be a great learning tool for my grandson, I really think he would enjoy it as active as he is!!! As for family, we all have tried the Just Dance games at a friends house on their Kinect and fell in love with it,,,competing while playing this would not only be fun but great exercise!!!

  2. Christine Wooldridge says

    The kinect is so much fun, i had one until someone broke into my house and took it.

  3. rebecca norton says

    My kids would love the sesame street game. I love the fact that they use there whole body and not just sit there looking at the scrtean (1)

  4. says

    the national geographic one would be loved by my two sons. They love anything outdoors, so this would be perfect. The xbox would be in the family room and we would definitely use it as a family! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Christy C. says

    My daughters are ages 6 & 4. The love playing video games together and we have wanting to get the Kinect so we could all play together.They love learning and this would be fun for all of us. They really enjoy Science and love being outdoors. We love watching NatGeo together and learning about different places and animals.

  6. Christy C. says

    I already like you on FB, added you to Google+, tweeted the giveaway, shared on FB & twitter, shared on Google+, signed up for the newsletter, followed Xbox on Twitter and joined your community. Thank you for a great giveaway :)

  7. Rebecca Orr says

    My son Lawson is 5 and loves nature and the wilderness. So I can see him really enjoying the NatGeo. I love that you become the animals. It’s interaction like this that really feeds his hunger for learning while having fun at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  8. says

    NatGeo Stalking the Mountain Lion would get played a TON in my household!!
    We have game night at least twice a month, and the kids choose board games one week and Wii games the next. It’s be nice to have some new games to play. :)


  9. Sarah VM says

    The NatGeo TV game would be awesome for my daughter. She loves animals and would really get a kick out of it. My 14yr old son plays xbox all the time. I know he would love to have a game he could play with all of us.

  10. Mary Beth Elderton says

    My little one would love Sesame Street! All of us would love the Nat Geo adventures. I’m not so great with games, but we all like to gather around to play–sort of like “Movie Night.’

  11. shelly peterson says

    my son would love the National Geographic NatGeo TV game. My family does game night often, this would be another great way for us to have fun together

  12. Summer Bert says

    My kids would love the NatGeo game they love learning about animals. We would use it as a family to play and the older girls (myself included) would use it to work out

  13. tuesday says

    my kids would flip for the nat geo game, they love animals and games! I think this would make a fun family night instead of a movie!

  14. says

    My kids would love the National Geographic NatGeo TV game. They are fascinated with animals and nature. As a family, we’d use this after school on the days it is too cold to play outside. We’d also use the 360 and Kinect for family nights.

  15. Margaret Smith says

    My kids would love to play these games because they have animals in them. They’d also enjoy that we can play along with them.

  16. d schmidt says

    My children love Sesame Street so they would really enjoy that game purely because they want to see the characters on the screen

  17. martha mayes says

    i have two boys that would love it thay can use it with some of their school work. One is home schooled and i can play it with them

  18. Sue Ellison says

    I think my kids would love these games because they are on their age level and interactive. This would be great for a family game night!

  19. Joyce Harrell says

    My granddaughter loves Elmo and I know she would love interacting with him. New would have a lot of fun with her playing thesecgames

  20. Carole says

    It would be great educational and interactive games for my kids. They love to play wii but it seems Xbox has better games lately. They would due able to learn a lot from these games. :) it also keeps them “active”.

  21. Jennifer says

    My kids would love playing animals and being part of the game. It would be fun for all of us to do together.

  22. Sleepyheadedmom says

    I think my son would love acting like an animal (he already does lol). Xbox with kinect would be another great way for us all to get up, play and be silly with each other. We loved playing games a as family.

  23. Tarah says

    My son would love that it’s Sesame Street! He loves that show! We would use it to be active on days we can’t go outside, rainy or snowy days!

  24. Ann Fantom says

    My daughter would like the Expedition Grizzly game. We would play withe the Xbox during family game night

  25. says

    My kids would love the animals and the exploring in the NatGeo game! And I can’t wait to find games that we can all play as a family, maybe using some teamwork!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  26. lisa lo says

    Failure to Launch and Bubblefest sound good for my son. I don’t really play myself, single ma, but my son adores the xbox!

  27. says

    My kids would especially love the NatGeo with the exploration and getting to “be” animals! It would be fun to be silly as a family in front of the tv.

  28. Melissa Belle says

    We would use the Xbox for family game night, plus family movies as you can stream Netflix through it. And they’d really enjoy these games, because of the adventure side to them.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  29. Melissa Belle says

    Joined your community. I’m Melissa, sweetmelbelle31

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  30. Melissa Belle says

    I follow your page on Facebook. I’m Melissa Belle there.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  31. rachel says

    they would enjoy Yellowstone river i think. personally i love playing rpgs and assassin creed. also dragon age

  32. kathy dunaway says

    The games look really fun.We would have lots of fun playing them.I love the exercise that you get with the Kinect. Winning one would be awesome.Thanks for the giveaway:)

  33. juliette m. says

    the national geographic one looks fun.. my kids and i would enjoy doing dance games on xbox :-)

  34. jeanine says

    i think my kids would love that they can use their bodies instead of sitting there with the controller. our family already loves playing the wii as a family. i’m sure we could have some great game nights with this too!

  35. Jamie Brigham says

    My kids would love both games, my little one loves Sesame street and elmo and my older ones love anything with National Geographic.

  36. Michele P. says

    I can so see our family getting together on the Nat Geographic games and getting some exercise as well while becoming animals on the TV via the game… it would be lots of fun playing on the kinect and getting exercise and learning about wild animals and their habitats.

  37. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    I like the fact that they are active games. This really gets everybody involved

  38. says

    My daughter already loves watching Elmo, so I think she would absolutely love this! Hubby loves games so I think this is a great way for them to bond together! :)

  39. Eileen says

    Now that we have a little one in the house again, I know that she will love to learn to play the Sesame Street games…saying goodbye to pacifier…what an awesome way to understand how to “grow up”! Also, little princess is already enthralled by Big Bird, Cookie, and Elmo! Our family members are already nature lovers and we do already watch National Geo and have gotten their publications. We’d love to teach the younger ones even more. The Xbox itself would build a great family time for us…so many different ages now with kids and know they have so many games to offer. Me, I need some mild exercise programs to help with health. The guys would use it for male bonding of course. LOL.

    Thanks much for hosting!

  40. Stacey B says

    I think my oldest son would like playing the games with the Kinect, and we’d use the xbox as a family for a family game night!

  41. Jenny says

    My kids would love the games that use the Kinect and it is a great activity to do together as a family to get you moving!

  42. says

    My kids would love the kinect games because they love the way they get to participate!! They love getting up and being allowed to jump all around!

  43. Rosly says

    My kids would love this. I followed you on twitter and liked you on facebook. Also retwitted your giveaway.

  44. Jenna Parsons says

    My daughter would love both games! She would probably love Sesame Street most though. We would use the xbox as a family by setting it up in the living room, and playing the games together :)

  45. Vicki Wurgler says

    National Geographic is teaching the kids something new about animals and nature-I think the boys would like that. we would enjoy the Xbox on our family night

  46. victoria lester says

    I have two kids one is 6 months old and the other 18 yrs old. We would like the Sesame Street TV because of the Volume 1 – goodbye pacifier would come in handy. We probably would like this as a family because in the same series in mentios Siblings and it would be nice since they are sisters and could use together.
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

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  53. Marci says

    Either of the NatGeo games would be great for my girls as they love watching national geographic shows about animals!

  54. Elizabeth says

    The motion aspect – I would have loved to have that as a kid. The Xbox would be used to play games and maybe watch some movies

  55. Kelly D says

    My kids would enjoy interacting with the fun characters in these games. We would use this system as a form of family entertainment and a way to get exercise.

  56. Tara Liebing says

    My kids would love this thye can play and learn at the same time. We would have a family night so we can all get involved and fun I like th Kinnect part because you feel more part of the game

  57. victoria lester says

    Comment on a non-giveaway post:
    Apple Pear Walnut and Raisin Pie Recipe
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

  58. Niah says

    My kids would love the NatGeo. They love animals. They are small enough that controllers are hard so the Kinect is awesome for little kids. They would love to run around and “pet” the animals.

  59. Jason Vaughn says

    They’d love being able to move around as they play and I’ll love them learning and exercising as they do.

  60. Tabathia B says

    My 3 yo would love the Sesame street game and it would be a great way for the older siblings to be able to play a video game with their younger sister that is interactive

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  61. katklaw777 says

    I think my kids would enjoy the fact that you can interact with all the cool characters.
    As a family this would be a great system to have for those long midwest winter snow days…for us to play together.

  62. Jodi J says

    My older son is crazy about all kinds of animals and he would really enjoy the National Geographic game. My younger son would love Sesame Street, especially if it is something that he can actually play.

  63. Pauline A. says

    My grandkids would love to have something to play when they come over and it would bring them all together to play together.

  64. mamax4 says

    NatGeo would be the game of choice. I have started a fitness program and we would play it together.

  65. Vladimir Medvedev says

    My 3yo son likes Xbox +Kinect games whatever they will be (he saw it only once) – he enjoys everything interactive activity. But we don’t have Xbox in our home. So it ill be great to win this prize

  66. april yedinak says

    My kids would enjoy being able to interact with the games and they really love everything National Geographic. I think we would really enjoy this as a family because it would add a new physical aspect to our usual family game nights.

  67. Dawn Reid says

    Interacting is what the kids would love. The whole family could enjoy this fun game

  68. Wendi S says -I tweeted the giveaway-

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  69. Wendi S says

    We would use the Xbox and games as family learning and playing. It would be difficult to say want my kiddos would like the most. They love Sesame Street but they also like animals. They enjoy playing with the other xbox games. We all enjoy playing together and I love watching them have so much fun.

  70. salted caramel says

    For the sesame street game my son would love that hes so into elmo right now and it would help teach lieracy as my son has a speech delay and the nat geo game i know it would definitly teach my girls all about new animals. I think that honeslty this would bring us together because of course if i had this i would implement a family game night because we dont have one right now because im so busy with work

  71. salted caramel says

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