Hot For The Holidays: New Xbox 360 Kinect Kids Games – XBox Bundle Giveaway

The Xbox 360 is one of the greatest gaming devices around, according to my husband Del. Since a young kid he has been playing games starting when he owned his first 8-bit gaming system in the 1980’s. It was very simple, but as years passed the technology became better and better and more game systems were created not just for the home but also the road. He remembers every year growing up, waiting to see what new game system was coming out and what was going to be the newest technology that will set out the next best game maker. When he would create his list of things that he really wanted for Christmas he said that every year would include a game system or a game accessory or certain video game.

But it was not until Microsoft came out with the original Xbox did gaming change as the world knew it. Games finally took advantage of the massive storage allowed by the Xbox DVD-ROM, and used that space to for the creation of the best graphics and game engines outside of a computer. And not only were the graphics great, they could store enough data to provided days, weeks, and years of gameplay. He still to this day plays videos games, but not like he used to. But being a dad he has used video games as a way to bring our daughters into his hobbies as a kid plus they love to play games too! It is great to talk with them about technology and see them surprised with the past as they are intrigued with the future.

When we heard about the Kinect that was coming out on the Xbox 360, we figured we needed one for us all. It was a simple add on to the Xbox 360.  Would we really be able to interact using our bodies, and do away with the controller? The answer was simply, yes! We have owned a Kinect and have a library of Kinect titles including the original Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Fantastic Pets, Once Upon a Monster, Winter Stars, Michael Jackson The Experience, Nickelodeon’s Victorious Time To Shine, and our newest titles Sesame Street and NatGeo TV America The Wild.

The National Geographic NatGeo TV title is great because not only is it interactive, but it plays a small episode teaching the kids something new and exciting about animals and nature. They then get a chance to interact with their environment. The Kinect turns the user’s arms and head into the animal to be. We all had fun! You are led through the Yellowstone and Alaska by host Casey Anderson and his 800 pound grizzly bear Brutus. Become an owl, wolf, bears, and many animals. Our kids loved this game!
Just check out this video:

NatGeo TV includes:

Volume 1

  • Expedition Grizzly
  • Stalking the Mountain Lion
  • Black Bear Invasion
  • Wolverine King

Volume 2

  • Project Kodiak
  • Inside the Wolf Pack
  • Yellowstone Spring
  • Yellowstone River

Sesame Street  TV was fun for both girls. It is rated EC for Early Childhood and great for toddlers. Brooklin had fun interacting with the Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and all of their friends. From counting different objects that kids like, to getting to play in Elmo’s world little ones can let their imagination come to life! Brooklin can relate to a lot of the content so she enjoyed following along volume 1 just great. Sesame Street TV helps to promote literacy and math skills and teaches kids how to think about science.

Sesame Street TV offers 2 volumes:

Volume 1: Growing Up

  • Elmozilla
  • Baby Bear’s Baby Doll
  • Goodbye Pacifier
  • Siblings

Volume 2: Science

  • Humpty Dumpty’s Big Break
  • Failure to Launch
  • Rocco’s Boat
  • Bubblefest


Both new titles for kids would make a great gift this holiday and if you’re looking for the perfect family gift pick up an Xbox 360 with Kinect today. You can find Xbox consoles and games at all major retailers.


We’re giving one lucky winner an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle and one copy of Sesame Street  TV and one copy of National Geographic NatGeo TV.

Main Entry: To enter, tell me what about these games do you think your kiddos would enjoy. How would you use the Xbox as a family?

Extra Entry Methods:


Giveaway ends 11-30-2012

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  1. Leslie S. says

    My kids are huge animal and nature lovers and my youngest loves Sesame Street.Thanks!

  2. says

    My kids would love the National Geographic NatGeo TV game more probably. They are 6 and 8 and out growing Sesame Street. We have some younger cousins to pass that on to. We love to have fun as a family and the Kinect makes that easy to do inside. Thanks!