Cooking With Kaila – Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes


This week while grocery shopping Kaila asked if she could create her own recipe. She’s now able to read the directions and follow them on her own so I knew it would be a fun project for us to do together. I let her guide me around the grocery store as she came up with her own little Halloween recipe. She plans on surprising her uncle and his fiance with some of these sweet treats tonight.

Kaila’s Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes Recipe:

  • Box of your favorite yellow cake mix.
  • Bag on Brach’s candy corn.
  • candy corn sprinkles
  • white whipped frosting

The recipe is really simple. Simply chop the candy corn into small pieces and add to your cupcake mix. Bake as directed.Cool cupcakes and frost and add sprinkles.



  1. Sarah L says

    Good imagination from your daughter. I like that you’ve taught her that cooking isn’t just following the recipe.