Baby’s First Year: Mia’s Milestones – 4 Months Old


Mia has been so busy this month, it’s shocking at how much she has grown. Just this morning she was making  “maaa” sounds and both my husband and I turned to one another when we thought she said “mama”. Mia loves the floor these days, she spends her time trying to get to the toys that she wants to play with. She loves her toys, she’s just getting good and finally putting them in her mouth after practicing most of this month.

Most of the day Mia is smiling and giggling, she loves to talk back to you when you talk to her. She knows her sisters, and her doggy and shows how much she loves them. Mia hasn’t had much food other than trying some bananas once so we decided to try some peas this week just for fun.  Clearly you can see what she thinks.

Mia is such a happy baby, she’s the sunshine in my day. She always makes me laugh and smile and she’s just the sweetest baby. I can hardly believe that she is almost 5 months old.

I also can’t believe that this happened.



  1. shannon r says

    That was Grant’s face the first few bites of peas!! Then soon, he was opening his mouth for the spoon. She is so cute!!