The Lorax Now On Blu-ray


Dr. Seuss is an author who is known by so many around the world. His quirky and zany adventures and tales have always provided children with ideas and thoughts to get their little imaginations going. We received a copy of the new Blu-ray to review.

The Lorax is one of his newest stories that involves the Lorax who is speak for the tress,s but soon the Once-ler comes in an finds that the Truffula trees are great to make products from. After cutting down all the trees to make a lot of loot, soon the trees are gone and life that inhabits it has to leave. Saying bye to the Brown Bar-ba-loots and Humming-Fish pushes a boy to wonder what is going wrong.

After encounter the Lorax he is given a seed by the Lorax, can he convince the Once-ler to chang his ways and not be so greedy respect the Truffula trees and the life that lives around it? I like for my children to keep an open mind. They will learn and realize so many new things in their life, that it will be important for them make sure to preserve and not be wasteful.

Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax deluxe edition is now available on Blu-Ray, which comes with a DVD and UVNA (Ultraviolet Digital Copy which is great for ipads and other android and digital tablet and travel PCs). Great package for everyone.

Blu-ray™ 3D Combo Pack will also include three brand new mini-movies including: