PBS Educates Children About Election 2012‏


Whether a blue state or a red state, elephant or donkey, everyone can agree that the heated race to the White House is a great opportunity to teach kids about the election process, and media companies like PBS are offering a wealth of digital resources to help deepen students’ understanding.

Today, PBS LearningMedia, a *FREE* online media-on-demand service for K-12 teachers, is happy to launch its Election 2012 Collection. The Election 2012 Collection features an Elections 2012 newscast, which includes highlights from the campaign trail, as well as a multimedia glossary, an interactive digital game called “Road Trip to the White House,” and lesson plans geared towards high school students and teachers.

PBS LearningMedia is about using digital media to engage students in an interactive way and this program is designed to bring kids into the election process.  Beyond PBS, this is certainly a trend we’re seeing this election cycle. Also, for the younger generation, PBS KIDS will soon be releasing an interactive program and game to help educate kids ages 6-10 about the election.


I think it’s important for children and am glad I can give my kiddos stuff like this. My 7 year old loves it!