Back To School With Hanes


As we get ready for fall I always like to go through and get my kids new socks and undies. It’s important for them to be prepared as the cool weather starts with fresh socks. Usually they’ve always grown another size so it’s time to replace the old anyway. I turn to brands like Hanes for my girls. I like brands like Hanes because they make products that are great for my kids at a price I can afford. Plus after potty training and toddler I find myself replacing them more often. I like that I can get the comfort waist and tagless undies all with a cute design my girls like.

Both my girls received packs of Hanes Girls’ No Ride Up 100% Cotton Low Rise Briefs to review and they like them. Besides underwear and socks you can also find a lot of other great things. I also got these black leggings for Brooklin. There are so many other great products from Hanes as well.

Shop Hanes at local retailers or online.