Tummy-Time Fun: Tiny Love Ladybug


Now that baby Mia is getting older she’s starting to play and sit up more and more. One of the things she enjoys is her tummy time. She’s sit and watch her big sisters play on the floor next to her and she’s really enjoys it. Tummy time is also good for babies so I was really happy when Tiny Love sent us their Ladybug Tummy Time Activity Mat to review.

Included in the set is a small half round ladybug pillow that has 2 teethers/toys attached.  There is also a portable mat embellished with fun, colorful illustrations; and a large mirror – a perfect stimulant for extra time on the tummy.

It’s really great for supper body strength and the stand alone mirror that it comes with is something Mia loves to look at. It also encourages her to keep her head up which is helping to build strength, but most of all this activity set is fun. Because there are only a few small pieces we can easily take it with us on-the-go.


Did You Know?

Extending tummy time is essential to furthering baby’s physical development and gross motor skills. The Tummy-Time Fun: Ladybug’s engaging features encourage longer periods of comfortable play on baby’s tummy. Find it online or at local retailers.