Keep Smiles Healthy For Back To School – Listerine Smart Rinse Giveaway!

Back-to-school season marks the beginning of new routines and the opportunity to teach new, healthy habits, like an oral care routine. While brushing your teeth is an important habit, brushing alone misses 75 percent of your mouth!


Daily flossing and rinsing with a fluoridated mouthrinse, like Listerine Smart Rinse, are essential in keeping kids’ smiles bright, beaming and healthy. Providing 12-hour cavity protection, Listerine Smart Rinse strengthens teeth 99 percent better than brushing alone.

My kiddos were sent some of the Listerine Smart Rinse to review and they loved that it was a pink. It also stated good and is a fun way to reward them for brushing for the entire two minutes. It’s a fun way to also end the brushing routine of ours!

I know it can be a struggle to get your kids caring about their teeth, so pediatric dentist and member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Kaneta Lott, has several tips and tricks to get children of all ages invested in their oral care and taking care:

  • Show, don’t tell: Share the brushing, flossing and rinsing experience with your children as they are more likely to imitate behavior they see adults doing.
  • Make oral care fun: Turn flossing into a funny-face contest or brushing into a game of “Simon says.”
  • Reward healthy behavior: Offer rewards for achieving brushing, flossing and rinsing goals with stickers or prizes…who doesn’t love some praise every now and then?


One winner will receive TWO bottles of Listerine Smart Rinse.

Main Entry: To enter, please tell me about your kiddos brushing routines.

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Giveaway ends 8-31-2012

hertwo bottles of Listerine Smart Rinse

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  1. Ursula says

    During the week, they’re good about brushing before school — off schedule though is another story.

  2. ELIZABETH C. says


  3. corrie says

    my kids love brushing their teeth, i dont have to remind them. they make it fun together.

  4. Theron W. says

    They brush their teeth and claim they floss. I have a paranoia that they do not floss, yet without supervision they claim they do.

  5. Sarah S says

    They have to brush every morning and every night they brush before getting to hear a bed time story.

  6. Tari Lawson says

    My kids admittedly are not the best brushers. They each brush in the morning but that is about it.

  7. Lisa Garner says

    My children brush every night and my school age children brush their teeth in the morning too. I try to encourage flossing as much as possible and the always use a floride rinse after brushing.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  8. Sumer says

    My little one is still learning how to brush well on her own after every meal, I think this would be good for her to see everything she has missed.

  9. Jennifer Reed says

    My kids do not have a great brushing routine and I am looking for help in making it better Right now they only brush regularly before bedtime and then when I ask them too otherwise. I would like to try the Listerine Smart Rinse for them.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  10. Kathy Pease says

    my son is good about brushing and flossing he does them in the morning and before bed

  11. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I don’t have kids, but my sister in law sings a song about brushing while my niece brushes at night

  12. Marci says

    Our daughters brush their teeth in the morning and at night. They floss a couple times a week and use a mouth rinse at night before bed.