BlogHer 2012 Day 1 #BlogHer12 (photo intensive)


I arrived early this morning and in true BlogHer fashion went right to work networking. Highlight of my day was hearing how BlogHer began, a story about politics and friendship. The first day at BlogHer didn’t disappoint and I joined Reebok for lunch to learn about Boks Kids a program I can’t wait to tell you more about. Special thanks to the gorgeous and wonderful women behind The Moms.

I of course got busy visiting with old friends.

Louise from Mom Start.

Valerie from

Then I joined Iconix brands for a fab celeb gift suite with some of my favorite bloggers. We quickly left this event after it got a little crazy with the swag. Stay tuned to my holiday gift guide where we will feature many of these fabulous brands!

I couldn’t miss the biggest news of the day, a live speech from resident Barack Obama. I have videos and more pictures to share but I was so excited to be sitting in that seat in a room filled with so many inspirational women.

I have video but for now here he is live on the screen. You know, he always speaks so eloquently so I was surprised when he stumbled on a few words. He spoke about how the women in his life have affected and helped shape who he is. I can say my husband can relate to this, he was raised by powerful women. I think that’s what makes him so special, but enough for now I’ll share more once I get home.

I then went for pampering and makeup with another one of my favorite companies. It’s nice to connect with the people I work with every day and even better I am proud to have Glams ads on my sidebar as they fit with my blog and my life. My friend Megan and I had fun getting our nails done and our makeup done.

I ended the night hanging out in the expo hall with this guy….



  1. Betty Baez says

    great pics! looks like a lot of fun! and i cant wait to hear more about obamas speech