On Vacation: Our Washington Adventures


This past week we headed north for a family road trip vacation to Washington.  My husband has a goal of seeing as many National Parks as possible so we decided to start our vacation by camping in Olympic National Park. We did some hiking and exploring around the National Park and have much to share about our camping trip.

Today we headed to Hood Canal to stay at Alderbrook Resort and Spa. When we arrived we went to go explore down by the shore and saw a helicopter coming across the water. It landed on the dock right next to us and out came Bill Gates! My husband goes “Is that Bill Gates?” A man behind my husband said yes it was and that his mother lives across the canal. He also proposed to his wife here. We snapped a few pictures of him before we even knew it was him. A nice treat to our vacation.

We’ve been happily enjoying the resort and can’t wait to share everything that this resort has to offer. We really want to come back and stay a while! We’re next headed to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days, a place that our family just adores.

Where have you been on vacation this summer?



  1. shelly peterson says

    Looks like your having great time, I live in Washington and have never visited there. I don’t really get the chance to travel much

  2. says

    What a great turn of events, you got to see Bill Gates! That certainly is a rare vacation for anyone, plus the natural park looks absolutely gorgeous and the nature seems so untouched. You must have had a wonderful time. Oh, and the little baby is soooo cute!

  3. says

    It was a great trip, and seeing Gates come in on his private helicopter was fun for the kids. Plus the water receded in the morning and we found some great shells and saw some jellyfish, which again the kids liked. Thanks Sunriver.

    Shelly, I had been wanting to see the NP, and it all worked out great. We want to check out the North Cascades National Park.

    Vanessa, I could tell it was him by the bushing hair, black socks, and the fact we are in Microsoft country, and its a private citizen coming to his summer home on a luxury helicopter.