Firecracker Red White and Blue Cake

Since we were having family over for the 4th of July I really wanted to make a fun and festive dessert. I quickly hit google and looked for a red white and blue cake to make. I instantly came across Betty Crocker and after reading the directions knew this cake was almost foolproof. It looks complicated and festive but was so fun to recreate.

Literally you dye your favorite cake batter with coloring. Then you layer it into a bunt pan. Making the red first, white second then blue third. The trick is to only put the blue near the center of the ring.

In end the end I melted my frosting after coloring it and just drizzled it over the top starting with the white frosting first. Super easy to do so check out Betty Crocker for the full directions.

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  1. Katharina says

    I *really* wish I had seen this before the 4th because it definitely would have been on my table! Maybe I’ll cheat and serve it for Labor Day. :-) Katharina