How Did You Decide On Your Baby’s Name? Our Baby Naming Story – Promo & Giveaway


Just this week our third daughter was born and as we celebrate her birth we wanted to tell you more about her and a little more about us. But back in 2008 when we were considering names for our 2nd child, we came up with several that just rang with us. We finally decided on Brooklin for our 2nd child, but still had a couple that we were torn between. We had talked about if we had another baby and it was a girl we should consider Mia for her name. So when we found out we were having baby number 3, we thought about the name Mia, and in February we finalized the decision on using that name. To be honest, I knew all along that Mia would be her name I just needed my husband to agree. Now the name Mia has a lot of special meaning to both of us. Of course we like it because it is cute. What people do not realize is that it is a name that has been with Del for almost his whole life. His aunt, who raised him for a good amount of years in his life, is Amelia. She has always been called Mea for short. She is a very special lady to him. She is also a very special lady to me. She has been in my life since the birth of my first, and has always been there to support us, especially when I needed it most. Choosing the name Mia was not just about choosing his Aunts name, it was also a one of personal preference of just liking the way it sounded and the cuteness that came with it. It has been ranked in the top of baby names for 2012, so we like to think she is setting trends already. One other little piece of info we found out is it was Del’s Great great grandmothers name too! Now her first name has very special and loving meaning to it. Her middle name has very special meaning in memory. Her middle name is Gene-Marie, which is a combination of her great great grandmother and her grandmother. Both of them passed away last year around the birthday of Mia. Del’s great grandmother’s name was Genevieve and his mother’s middle name was Marie. We wanted to honor them for bringing life to him and then her, which we combined the two to come up with a middle name that we love. My husband’s family has always taken me in as their own and for a girl who doesn’t have much family of my own it means a lot to me. The women in his family are some of the strongest most caring women I have ever met. It is an honor to have my children come from such genes and I can’t think of a better way to honor the women who have touched my life. All of our children have names with special meaning and this is just Mia’s story.

Mia was born June 6th, 2012 at 11:44 PM.

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It wasn’t easy, but that is how I decided on my baby’s name. How did you decide on your baby’s name? Or do you have a great story on how your parents decided on your name? Tell me for a chance to win a year’s supply of cards from!

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